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Enrolling At Mallacoota P-12

Our College aims to be a happy learning community where students can understand and achieve their full potential in a unique social and natural environment. We expect everyone who interacts with our students to uphold particular values and behaviours.

Our Values and Behaviours

We treat others in a way that shows we trust, value and care for them.
We strive to achieve personal best and the highest standards in all areas. Achievement is celebrated.
We are motivated and excited by the energy and commitment that each of us brings to the learning community.
School life and learning is based on enthusiasm, fun and good humour. Openness
We encourage open and honest communication with one another.
We take the time to think and share our thoughts about the things we do well and the things we can do better.

Prep Enrolment Information

Children must be five years of age by the 30th April of the year in which they start school.

The school is required to ensure that all children enrolled at the school have an Immunisation School Entry Certificate which will assist the school to identify children at risk in the event of an outbreak of a reportable disease. Schools request a “school entry certificate” as part of the enrolment process.

Enrolments other than Prep

Mallacoota P-12 College Enrolment Policy states :

“To be eligible for enrolment there must be an agreement to attend the College for a minimum period of five weeks. Enrolments will not be approved for any period of less than five weeks.”

Classroom Helpers

We welcome your support with a wide range of tasks. If you would like to become involved in your child’s school, please contact the class teacher or the school.

School Uniform/Dress Code

All students from Prep to year 12 are required to be in school uniform at all times.

School Uniform is made up of the following items:

  • Plain navy blue windcheater
  • Plain sky blue or white polo top, shirt, skivvy or tee shirt
  • Plain navy blue trousers, cargo pants, denim jeans or shorts
  • A navy blue hat will be available.
  • Optional: • Spray jacket in Mallacoota colours (navy, sky blue and white)

Girls may also choose: Pleated tartan skirt in school colours or school dress
All these items are available from the College Office.

Each Prep student will be supplied with a library bag at the beginning of the year.

Lunch Orders

Families of Primary students can choose to order lunch once a week on Friday’s. Order lists are sent home at the beginning of the year. Students ordering lunch should bring their lunch money in a sealed envelope, with the full order written out on the front of the envelope. The orders are then placed in a collection box in the student’s classroom. Lunches are delivered to school prior to the lunchtime bell.

Bus Travel

Students living further than the Karbeethong Road/Avenue top intersection are eligible travellers (over 4.8 km from the College).

Contact and Emergency Phone Numbers

It is of vital importance that we have a Contact Number and Emergency Contact Number on file for all students. Should an unexpected situation arise (illness, accident, change of clothing required etc.) an emergency contact should be designated if the parent or guardian is not available.


If your child is absent, make a phone call to the school on the morning of the absence, and a written note must be brought to the child’s teacher when the child returns. If the absence is going to be lengthy please notify either the Principal or the child’s teacher.

Leaving school during school hours

Students are not permitted to leave school early, or at any time during the school day, unless the parent has notified, in writing, to either the child’s class teacher or the principal.

Book Clubs

Ashton Scholastic Bookclub materials, “Star”, “Lucky” and “Arrow” are sent home on a regular basis (approx. 8 times a year). There is a vast selection of books, games and computer software available. During Book Week (October) the Library will have a large book sale with supplies from Ashton Scholastic.

Medication & Dental Health

The College should be advised of any medical ailments or concerns regarding your child. The School Dental Service provides dental treatment and dental health education for school children. It provides general dental care to children every two years.

Lost Property

Lost Property advice is listed in the School Newsletter and you are encouraged to come in and check if any of the items belong to your child.

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