Mallacoota School Band

Mallacoota School Band

Yes you may have heard. The Cup is finally back where it belongs…at Mallacoota P-12 College. The House captains did a fantastic job and have written reports below.

Wednesday afternoon on the 16th of July, Swifts Creek students drove down to Mallacoota for the Swifts-Coota cup. It is an event that is held against the Swifts creek high school and Mallacoota. This year we played Boys soccer, Girls soccer and a mixed game of touch rugby. On the night of arrival the Swifts creek kids were greeted with wood fire pizza. After food everyone was shifted into the old library for a school disco with a DJ (DJ Tomalicious) and light show. It was a successful night with lots of dancing. Prizes were given out to best dancers for the night.

– Tom

Introduction and Girls Soccer
On Thursday 17th of July, Mallacoota secondary girls versed Swifts Creek girls at soccer, for the first game on the main oval at Mallacoota.

Mallacoota won 4-0 against the girls. Regardless of the scores each team gave it their all and had fun and it was fun experience for both teams, since Swifts Creek haven’t played much soccer before, they seemed to have enjoyed the experience.
It was a good day playing against the girls and socialising with them after and before the game.

– Luci and Leanna

Boys Soccer
We played soccer for both the boys and girls. We (the boys) played 20 minute half’s and its was a good game by both teams but Mallacoota had a good victory 2-1.

– Steven

Touch rugby
While Mr Medson was cooking the BBQ we finished off the day with a round robin of Touch Rugby. Mallacoota once again took the trophy after winning both men’s and women’s soccer. Overall Mallacoota had a very successful sporting day and we would like to thank the Swifts Creek Students for giving us some good competition and having good sportsman ship. Both the men and women’s from both sides got along very well and everyone had positive attitudes towards the sports that some had never played before.

– Amy Preston

Huge thanks to Don (our tireless super tech) who on last minute notice set up an unbelievable Disco scene. Thanks to the staff who supported our team and the activities. Thanks to Swifts Creek students and staff for making the drive down and participating. The last and biggest thanks goes to the House/School Captains and Senior student leaders. Luci, Leanna, Amy, Tom, Steven, Marc, and Jaidyn. Great work team.

– Mr Berry


GenerationOne School Competition!

This year the School Band and its helpers have been working extremely hard writing an original song and video clip to enter into the CREATivE CHANGE GenerationOne School Competition. GenerationOne is a movement to bring all Australians together to end the disparity between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians in one generation. We are very proud of the efforts our students have put in and are happy to announce that our clip is featured on the GenerationOne website as well as YouTube for viewing.


Thank you for you support! Lisa Broome on behalf of the Mallacoota P-12 College Band.

Mallacoota P12 Under One Sun Music Video