Gippsland Cross Country
On Thursday the 18th of June 3 of our running champions competed in the Gippsland regional cross country.
Students did a fantastic job competing in cold and wet conditions to represent our school and East Gippsland. A huge congratulation to all.
Report from Tracy.
“The students did our school proud. Well behaved and polite as usual. Each one waited to shake hands with their fellow competitors, even Talia sought out others in her event to congratulate them after finishing at the tail of the field. It was freezing cold and drizzly, so the run was a considerable challenge. Talia finished close within the end pack, Rowan came in 40th, and Bowan finished 11th.”
A huge thank you to the Morris’ for taking Talia down and to Tracy for taking Rowan and Bowan. Thanks as well to Ian Berry for the farm accommodation.

Gippsland Cross Country

East Gippsland Netball and Soccer – 2015
Netball Summary:
On the 16th of June 10 netball 7-11 students travelled up to Bairnsdale to complete in a netball round robin. While everyone we versed had years of experience playing netball we were chucked in the deep end on every having the change to play netball at these events. So considering the circumstances we played extremely well and improved in each and every game. We went in with a positive attitude to work as a team and have some fun and come out with excitement and happiness about the way we played and our team work which was shown in our play. We scored more goals then we have before which gave us a boost to continue trying as hard as we could. Overall the girls did extremely well and we look forward to next year. Go Pelicans!
– Haydn and Brodie

Soccer Summary:
The school soccer took place in Bairnsdale on Tuesday the 18th of June. There was heaps of positive energy on the bus and we were all pretty pumped. Our first game against Nagle, the result was 4-0 in their favour. But the lads did really well and like usual we tried our hardest and didn’t let each other down. Our next game against Cann River and thanks to a beautiful hatrick to the renowned centre mid and high draft pick Harry we won 4-0 with a goal from Kelby as well. Bryce and I were really proud of the boys, especially Bailey and Mitchell who had never played. “Bacawaaa!”
– Harry and Bryce

Student Reflections:
Envy – “Netball was heaps of fun! All the girls tried their best and we showed a good fight to get the ball. Subway cookies are to die for”
Bryce P – “I had two touches in goal”
Demi – “Barkaaaa”
Emma – “Netball was really great fun even if we didn’t win. The team has improved a lot since last year and everyone did a great job”
Haydn – “Well done to all the girls it was a fantastic day. All the girls got out there and had a blast and tried their hardest. We could definitely see the improvement throughout the matches. Go Pelicans!”
Mikey – “I had lots of fun playing soccer”
Archie – “Everyone did well. Next year we will beat Nagle”
Kelby – “Yea, I kicked a goal”
Mitchell – “It was frikin’ crazy”
Noah – “Stood up against Nagle, was great”
Harry – “Leading the school in goal kicking, what up”
Rene – “It was fun beating Cann River”
Brodie – “I had heaps of fun playing netball and seeing improvement throughout our game”
Hannah – “Netball was a blast, we may not have won but we definitely had a huge improvement from last year”
Jacqueline – “Netball was lots of fun, it was great seeing some old mates. All the girls did a fantastic job and tried their best”.
Belle – “Netball was a good day off school and there was a massive improvement from last year, we got at least two goals per game which was a win for us”
Laurel – “Netball was so much fun even though I didn’t play. Such a good day. We didn’t win but we improved in every match.
Jorja – “Netball was so much fun! Everyone tried their best and we scored a couple of goals every match! It was a great day.

Keely and I were extremely proud of the student’s effort and behaviour. They had a real crack and improved a lot throughout the day. And had probably too much fun, as was evidenced by them singing the bus into Mallacoota. Thanks to the parents who supported the excursion.

– Simon Berry

Step 1: Get two different sized ziplock bags.

Step 2: In the BIG bag get 6 tablespoons of salt and fill the bag 1/2 full of ice.

Step 3: In the SMALL bag put some vanilla, 1/2 cup of milk or cream and 2 teaspoons of sugar.

Step 4: Seal the small bag getting out as much air as possible.

Step 5: Put the small bag inside the BIG bag.

Step 6: Seal the big bag.


Step 8: After around ten minutes, take your small bag out of your big bag. Remove all of the ice and salt from outside the little bag.

Step 9: Taste. YUMMY!

Today we had to shake a bag to make ice-cream.

Crystal’s was a bit too salty.

Winter’s did not have any salt in the ice cream mixture.

We made it in Science down in the cooking room.

Some people’s ice cream was liquid and some people’s ice cream was solid.

We used milk, sugar and vanilla.

It worked because the salt and the ice were together and it makes the milk freeze quicker.

We had vanilla, sugar and we had ice and milk and salt.

We put some milk in the bag.

We had to shake and shake and shake and shake and Gypsy and Nina had to take turns of shaking because ours wasn’t working. Nina’s didn’t work but it was still very yummy.

We used salt with ice. It made the ice cream salty when it fell into the ice cream.

It was yummy.

We were making a solid  out of a liquid.

IMG_7670_2 IMG_7674 IMG_7675_2 IMG_7676 IMG_7678_2 IMG_7679 IMG_7681 IMG_7682_2 IMG_7683 IMG_7685_2 IMG_7686_2 IMG_7687_2 IMG_7688_2 IMG_7689 IMG_7690_2 IMG_7691_2 IMG_7692_2 IMG_7693_2 IMG_7694_2 IMG_7696_2 IMG_7697_2 IMG_7698_2 IMG_7700_2 IMG_7701_2 IMG_7702_2 IMG_7704_2 IMG_7707_2 IMG_7709_2



On Friday the 12th June, we had an Arts Council Performance called Our Story.

The two presenters were extremely funny at telling the history of Australia in a funny, light hearted manner. Some favourite parts of the performance where when Neville balanced a chair on his chin, the army man lost his head (and not in battle) and Neville named our current Prime Minister as Toe, Knee, Ab (as in abdominal muscles) Butt. Hee Hee.IMG_7560 IMG_7565 IMG_7569 IMG_7573 IMG_7575 IMG_7577 IMG_7580 IMG_7581 IMG_7584 IMG_7586 IMG_7588 IMG_7592

IMG_7654             I loved the pizza.

By Halle



I loved my pizza. It was delicious.

By Crystal

IMG_7653 IMG_7652


IMG_7651 I liked my pizza.          By Winter

IMG_7650 IMG_7649





We made our own dough.

By Kalani         I liked the show because I liked the

guy balancing the chair.

By Gypsy


IMG_7648My pizza was yummy. I ate my pizza, all of my pizza.        By Kyra

I like to cook.

By Bella


IMG_7646 IMG_7645

We made pizzas. It was yummy.

By Mikayla

I liked my pizza. My pizza was yummy.

By Unya

I liked the pizza. I had a pineapple pizza and I liked the show.

By Cohen


IMG_7643We made pizza.

By Kade


We made our own pizza dough. My pizza was yummy.

By Finn


IMG_7639I wish we could make pizzas next week.

By Jamie

I was not at school when my class was making pizza. I was sick.

By Nina


We started with sugar, golden syrup and water and put them into a saucepan. We wanted the sugar to dissolve. It had to simmer for five minutes before we could add the bi carb soda. When we added the bi carb soda it fizzed up and made a GAS. It also made honeycomb. Our first batch didn’t work. We hope the next two batches did.


Today is Ketzia’s last day with us. It is also her last teaching placement. During her time with us we have done lots of great things together.

In Maths, Ketzia did some measuring activities with us. She had us measuring the length of objects and identifying whether items were long or short. This week in Maths we made column and pictographs.IMG_7465

In Science, we worked on gases and discovered there was Carbon Dioxide in Soda Water. We even made sultanas dance.


We read The Hungry Giant. It is a great book. Jamie loves it. In it he has a Bommy Knocker and he is cranky because he is so hungry.

We also learnt that it is important to be Resilient.

IMG_7515Thank you for helping us. I wish you didn’t have to leave.  From Gypsy

We are really sad that Ketzia is leaving. We had great fun with her. From Jessica

Ketzia is the best. I have liked doing Science with her. From Winter

Thank you for being a good teacher. From Bella

Ketzia is the best teacher in the whole world. From Crystal

Thanks for teaching us. I have enjoyed Maths the most. From Loki

You are the best teacher. I enjoyed Maths with you. From Kalani

I wish you could stay here forever. From Jamie

I liked the experiment that we made of making the sultanas float. From Mikayla

Ketzia did Science with us. I loved making the sultanas dance. From Halle

Today is Ketzia’s last day and we looked at Resilience with her. We also did measuring, long, tall and short. We have also learnt liquids, solids and gases. We all love you. We will all miss you. From Cohen

My favourite activity with Ketzia was learning resilience. From Finn

Ketzia is kind. Ketzia is really nice to us. I think she will be a good teacher when she grows up. From Lirra

We like Ketzia. From Kade

Ketzia helped us to make goo and she taught us how to make sultanas dance. From Kyra

When Ketzia came to our classroom we learnt all about graphs. This is something all about graphs that Ketzia taught us. You have to have the names of what the graph is about and we’ve got a Favourite Colour graph in our classroom. The favourite colour in our classroom is aqua. From Nina



Mallacoota P-12 College State Surfing Titles 2015

On the 29th of April, 7 secondary students (Alanna, Hannah, Chiara, Brodie, Tom, Michael and Noah) from Mallacoota P-12 College left for Torquay to compete in the annual State surfing titles. On Friday the 1st, we competed in the teams event against other public schools in Victoria. Mallacoota came 6th overall in the team events. The Singles titles were on Saturday and Sunday. Noah, Tom and Brodie all competed in the singles titles. Noah and Tom did really well against the level of competition in their heats. Meanwhile Brodie came 2nd in the Under 19s girls final. Over all it was a great experience, so thankyou to Mr Berry for organising; Kathy and Marty Scott for driving us there and back.

Michael: The trip was such a great experience. It was really good surfing different breaks that we hadn’t surfed before, as well as visiting renowned breaks like Bells and Bird-rock. But the highlight for me would have to of been the Rip curl outlet store, such good bargains!

Brodie: I had a really great time surfing and finding new waves at a different break and surfing with the great group of people who I travelled down with. The competition probably wasn’t my favourite bit of the camp but the free surfs were wicked. I look forward to next year!

Hannah: I had heaps of fun on the trip surfing new breaks and shopping. Hanging out with everyone on the trip was a blast as well.
I thought the whole trip was so much fun and a great experience.

Alanna: I dint want to leave! I’m so thankful that I got to share and experience the magic of Torquay with all these energetic motivated sea monkeys. A huge thankyou to Kathy and Marty Scott for making the trip so warm and homely.

Tom: it was so much fun. I liked the free surf at 13th beach. That could not of happened without Mr berry, Kathy, Marty, all the sponsors, parents and the students that went. Thanks

Chiara: The trip was really fun and I had a lot of fun even though I didn’t surf much it was still a pretty good experience , and I am sure everyone else had a great time . I can’t wait to do it again next year .

Noah : I had fun surfs, and met up with some friends from different places, and had the best souvlaki of my life. All round it was  great fun.

A huge thankyou to all our local sponsors, with your support we were able to attend…and come 6th in the State. Thanks a lot!



Mallacoota IGA

Mallacoota Bakery

Café 54

Crojingalong Cafe

Surf Shack

Mallacoota Board Riders

Mallacoota Real Estate

Herrils Waxing

Mallacoota Hotel/Motel

Mallacoota Foodworks

Wilderness coast sea foods