Mallacoota Primary School

Mallacoota Primary School

Dear Parents and Carers,

We hope your family have had a safe break from school and that students are ready to continue their learning from Wednesday 15th April.

As you may be aware, in response to the COVOID 19 crisis, the Government of Victoria has stated that all students who can work from home in Term 2 must do so.

All students will be working from home except for students in the following categories:

  1. Children on days when they are not able to be supervised at home and no other arrangements can be made. This will be available for children of parents who cannot work from home, and vulnerable children.

If you feel that your child/children meet the criteria and on-site supervision is required, please contact the College Office on 03 51580254 to provide the following information:

  • Name of child/children in need of on-site supervision
  • Dates supervision is required
  • Reason why your child/children needs supervision

 No students will be able to attend for on-site supervision without prior arrangements being made. This is due to staffing restrictions as a result of adhering to social distancing requirements.

In preparation for flexible and remote learning, we are continuing to put in place measures to ensure that our students are given as much support as possible through virtual platforms including Google Classroom and Webex Video Conferencing. Please note, staff will be in frequent contact with students and, where appropriate, parents and there will be a range of opportunities for students to ask questions and discuss learning. Students will be required to submit work through Google Classroom and feedback will be provided regularly. Work packs will also be provided in consideration of student developmental levels and potential internet accessibility issues. These packs will be available for collection from the front of school from Wednesday morning.

If your child/children do not have access to a device at home for school based work, please contact the College Office.

We have been informed that over the next two weeks the department will provide the school with access to sim cards and internet dongles which will provide internet access to students (who do not currently have internet access at home) for the purposes of completing school work only. These will be distributed as needed.

Tuesday 14th April is a Pupil Free Day. Staff will be continuing to plan for online and flexible delivery of curriculum. After this date we will provide families with additional ‘age specific’ information about how classes will be delivered for your child/children. We will also provide more specific information about who to contact should you have questions about your child’s/children’s learning, engagement or wellbeing.

At this stage, our Office will remain open during school hours.  Feel free to contact us.

Stay well.

Tim and Kathy

Mallacoota P-12 College Athletics Carnival

On Thursday the 30th of July Mallacoota P-12 College held their annual Athletics Carnival. The weather was perfect. Students went all out in their costumes with many donning superhero outfits. This was wholly student driven by the Secondary and Primary house captains. It really brought an air of celebration to the day.
Cann River and Noorinbee joined us at 10.15am and we moved straight into the Prep-2s social 100m events. Supported by the Secondaries these little people ran their hearts out. The P-2 social student participated with the 17+ and 16+ students all day. It was great to see the impact students at both ends of their schooling had on one another.
The primaries and secondaries ran through the field events giving their best. Students competed in long jump, triple jump, high jump, shot put, discus and javelin (sec. only). We had the most amount of students competing (in a friendly and sociable way) that I have seen.
The students who were not competing did a fantastic job participating and assisting with the running of the day. One senior staff member mentioned that it was the best non-competing participation she had ever seen. These students also gained a number of points for their houses. Awesome job!
Thanks to:
Parents and Staff who assisted and with the running of the day.
Parent supporters who came down
Don Ashby (awesome) who set up a fantastic speaker system.
Cann and Noorinbee primary schools for making the journey.
All the students who assisted the running of the event, without you it wouldn’t be possible.
The VET Sport and Recreation students who set up the field.
Kathy who assisted with the organisation
Finally thank you to our student leaders:
– School Captain: Haydn
– Secondary House Captains: Alanna, Steven, Luci, Brodie, Kahli
– Primary House Captains: Rass, Ashley, Sarah, Tahlia, Natasha

Simon Berry

Gippsland Cross Country
On Thursday the 18th of June 3 of our running champions competed in the Gippsland regional cross country.
Students did a fantastic job competing in cold and wet conditions to represent our school and East Gippsland. A huge congratulation to all.
Report from Tracy.
“The students did our school proud. Well behaved and polite as usual. Each one waited to shake hands with their fellow competitors, even Talia sought out others in her event to congratulate them after finishing at the tail of the field. It was freezing cold and drizzly, so the run was a considerable challenge. Talia finished close within the end pack, Rowan came in 40th, and Bowan finished 11th.”
A huge thank you to the Morris’ for taking Talia down and to Tracy for taking Rowan and Bowan. Thanks as well to Ian Berry for the farm accommodation.

Gippsland Cross Country

Mallacoota P-12 College 2015 Cross Country

What a fantastically cool, clear cross country day. And what a track. Probably the truest cross country track I have ever seen. On Friday the 15th of May all students from Prep – 12 threw in 110% (yes I know that’s technically impossible, but it is a commonly used sporting phrase) effort!

The track was around the back end Caravan Park before heading into the bush near the cut off stump, running to Bastion Point and back, around Mortimers Paddock, past the log cabins, through the bush, over a mighty river, for an inspirational finish across the oval to the goals.

The events ran were:
• 5km race for the 16, 17, and open boys (plus Brodie and Hannah, great work girls!!)
• 3km race for the 11-open girls and 11-15 boys
• 2km race for the two-three’s boys and girls
• 500m race for the preps-ones

Students sprinted, jogged, or walked in high spirits. It was great to have such a fun and positive atmosphere, hopefully encouraging lifelong physical activity. The winners on the day were every student who participated and helped out. Once again we had many students who participated by helping run the event. What a team.

Points were as follows:
Points Bastion Gabo
Running 198 476
Cheering 70 10
Event managers 180 60
Total 448 546

Results were once again close. Gabo taking out the event 546-448 Congratulations. For the race results and awesome colour photos see below, our web or Facebook page.

Thank you to the East Gippsland Shire Caravan Park for allowing us use of the back end of their park. Massive thanks to all the families and friends we had supporting the students. Thanks to all the teacher and student volunteers who made the running of this event possible. Lastly but defiantly not least, thank you to the students. Your positivity was fantastic.

– Simon Berry and Kathy Scott

Dist. Event Name
500m Prep-1s Boys Kalani – Finn
500m Prep-1s Girls Winter – Kyra
1km 2-3s Boys Hugo
1km 2-3 Girls Ocean
2km Under 9 Boys Heath
2km Under 9 Girls Rosie
2km Under 10 Boys Isaac
2km Under 10 Girls Hope
3km Under 11 Boys Taj
3km Under 11 Girls Emma
3km Under 12/13 Boys (End Pri) Ras
3km Under 12/13 Girls (End Pri) Issy
3km Under 13 Boys Rene
3km Under 13 Girls Jorja
3km Under 14 Boys Bailey
3km Under 14 Girls Chelsea
3km Under 15 Boys Bowan
3km Under 15 Girls Envy/Kelsy
5km Under 16 Boys Max/Tom/Tyson
3km Under 16 Girls
5km Under 17 Girls Hannah
3km Under 17 Girls Haydn
5km Open Boys Bryce
5km Open Girls Brodie

This year some of our year 10 and 11 students are completing a Certificate 3 in Sport and Recreation. This requires students to apply their knowledge in a practical setting. This year the students will be developing their coaching skills by taking sessions with various age groups. This term we have been lucky to be able to coach the Prep-One’s in soccer. Pictures below.

Mallacoota 4-12 Swimming Article.

T’was a horrible day! Weather wise at least. But what fantastic, energetic and resilient students we are lucky to have.

On Monday the 9th of February students and staff crammed into the busses in the pouring rain and sang their way up to the Eden pool. Spirits were high with Gabo achieving 70/100 and Bastion 73/100 points for cheering.
The day started with the 25 meter races, which were packed full of contestants. The cheering was almost as loud as Mr. C’s starting pistol. The walking lane was a big hit with many students racking up the points for their houses. After the 25 meter events Gabo was leading by about 100 points. But during the lunch period a breakaway Bastion leadership group managed to organise human lettering spelling the word BASTION on the front hill for an arranged 100 points. Gabo countered by creating a human pyramid, which unfortunately fell down gaining only 25 points. It was close to even again.

The 50 meter races held fewer contestants, many drawn over to Pete and his fancy dress and hand stand contest. In the pool the serious swimmers had come out to play. The effort of the athletes and cheerers was supreme. Many records fell. In a stroke of brilliance (for the later staff/family V students relay) our senior bronze students were encouraged to swim their 800m pool time. At the end of the 50 meter races Gabo had once again pulled away by about 125 points. However the cheer brigade led by the Bastion house captains was in full swing dragging back some of the points.

The noodle race was a big hit with many primaries eagerly competing in this unique pool event. I am proud to announce that finally (after 4 years) the Staff/Family relay team held on for the big V. Once the counting was done, the day belonged to Gabo who scraped over the line 70 points in from of Bastion.

In reality the day really belonged to all the students, staff and families that participated. What could have been a horrible day was made memorable by the energy of all involved. I would like to take this opportunity to thank:
– ALL students who participated, ranging from swimmers, marshals, score keepers, Djs, announcers. Without you a day like this would not be possible.
– Families who made the journey down, it’s great to have such support.
– Kathy Scott and all the staff who assisted with the smooth running of the day.
– The Secondary and Primary House and School Captains: Alanna, Brodie, Steven, Kahli, Haydn, Jaidyn, Ras, Ashlee, Tegan, Natasha, Sarah

For Full colour photos please visit:

Simon Berry
Sports Coordinator

Nippers program 2014

For the third year Primary students from Mallacoota P-12 College participated in the Nippers program at Bastion Point hosted by the Mallacoota Surf Life Saving Club.

Primary students were led by the Secondary Advance crew, most now with Bronze Medallions. This year the older primaries embarked on an Intro to Bronze course with Kai Allison and Tom Reichelt (our new Junior Club Captain!). The rest of the primary students participated in safety/ocean awareness, competitive flags and surf skills. There was a huge improvement in all the skills and knowledge of the kids. It’s great to see their development over time.

A big thank you must go to the Mallacoota Surf Life Saving Club for putting on such a great event. Another big thankyou must go to the school for allowing the club access to nippers and facilitating the Bronze Medallion course (nationally recognised) in the Advance program (and Luke for running it). Thank you to Cassie McNamara, Kathy Scott and Luke Molan for arranging the Nippers program. Thanks to all the SLSC members and parents who assisted with the running of the day. The largest thanks must go to our Bronze stars. Tom M and Tyson (leaders of the day), Arrow, Kahli, Haydn, Brodie, Hannah, Bryce W-P and Max. These are exceptional young leaders in our community. Fantastic job!

– Simon Berry (VUS Coordinator / MSLSC Captain)

East Gippsland Mountain Biking Teams Championship

On the 26/11/2014 Mallacoota P-12 College hosted the 2nd East Gippsland Mountain Biking Team Championship. The year before Mallacoota won in all fields of this event, but this year there were more schools and that meant more competitors. The community learning project (CLP) group, Mr Berry and some handy year 10 and 11 students helped out on the day with the setup. At 11.00 am the schools started arriving at premier track. The excitement was palpable.

After the welcome and safety speech the under 15’s kicked the event off followed by the over 15’s. The race started with a slight uphill followed by a steep downhill with the ambulance to the left of the track to keep the race safe and SES truck at the turnaround point. The surf lifesaving polaris was on roving patrol. Competitors started slogging up the gigantic hill around the bend which slowed everyone down. One lap of the race was 3km the race went for two whole laps of the circuit which roughly took 25-45 minutes.

The winner of the under 15s was Tom Fisher and the over 15s winner was Liam Nichols both from Nagle.  The main team competition results were; Orbost came 5th with a time of 157.21, Swifts came 4th with a time of 156.17, Nagle came 3rd with a time of 155.26, Mallacoota came 2nd with a time of 140.4 and the winners Lakes Entrance with a time of 138.5. Congratulations to Lakes!

A huge thank you to the Mallacoota SES, Ambulance, surf lifesaving! It is fantastic to see what great events our little town can put on, completely supported by volunteers. Thanks also to all the teachers and competitors who drove down to our beautiful part of the world.

– Community Learning Project Team (Bryce P, Jacqueline H, Max G, Tom M, Tyson J)

For full colour photos go to the link below.

On Friday the 7th of November a few of the secondary girls travelled up to Merimbula to participate in a girls learn to surf day/competition. See below for comments from the team.

Maisy – Really friendly people, really friendly competition and the best part…you didn’t even have to be good at surfing. It was a really positive day. The surf wasn’t that big so it was good for beginners and it wasn’t too small for the pros so it kept us both happy. I would definitely do this again and more girls should join!

Chiara – I really enjoyed meeting and making new friends and old friends. All in all it was a really chill as day.
Emma – Had loads of fun surfing and meeting people from other schools. It was a really good day.

Jorja – It was a great day and everyone had fun! I loved meeting new people and the water and waves were great.

Envy – Really chill day, heaps of fun and good people all in all it was a perfect day.

Haydn – The day was great fun to be able to get out of school for a whole day and go surfing (editor note: OR was this school – Mallacoota style?). Amazing! I will look forward to days like this in the future.

Eugenia – I had such a good day!! It was so much fun to try and surf with some friends from school and some other girls from Eden. I’m going to miss days like this when I go back.

Belle – I achieved my goal of getting a step closer to be able to stay on a wave while standing. We should have these days more frequently. The day went by fast and I really enjoyed it.

Alanna – Such a positive day! Everyone was cheering each other on. The water was so magical, crystal clear and glassy. I cannot wait for a day like this again, so many good vibes.

Brodie – It was such a good environment, wasn’t competitive and just a fun day meeting new people and surfing a different beach was awesome.

It sounded and looked like everyone had a fantastic day and enjoyed surfing and socialising. A big thanks to Mr. Berry and Nigel Allison for taking us! And to Eden Marine high school for organising the event. It was an awesome day.

– Alanna and Brodie.

Congratulations and thanks to the girls. They were a fantastic representation of our town. Those new to surfing really pushed themselves and those advanced surfers were super positive and encouraging. We also had an expression session with Brodie winning and Jorja coming third. Congratulations! Big thanks to Nig for volunteering his time as our surf coach, Janet Hornsby for organising and Simon at Merimbula surf shop for all the prizes.

– Mr Berry

On Tuesday the 12th of August Mallacoota P-12 College held their annual Athletics Carnival. Even though the weather was going through an Arctic blast we were very lucky to have a sunny, but chilly day. Students were dressed in their finest Gabo and Bastion ‘feel good’ clothing. This year the athletics was merged with our ‘feel good’ days organised by our fantastic school nurse Helen. Points were awarded for healthy eating, drinking water, and supporting each other.

The secondary students moved straight to field events to see how far they could throw various things like discus, shot-put, javelin’s, and their bodies as far/high as possible. The event officially started with Mallacoota primary students welcoming Cann River and Noorinbee primary schools.

The Primary students attacked the 100m with vigour. You could not question the determination of any of our students putting in their best times, despite the fact that social running (looking where the others were/running into others lanes) seemed to increase as we moved to the lower age levels. After the 100 the Prep-Twos headed to tabloid games and the rest went to field events.

Most of the secondaries completed in the 100m, and bragging rights were on the line. The secondaries did a fantastic job of managing themselves and entering as many field events as possible. The running finished off with the 200m and the 400m, with many students pushing their limits.

The day finished off with our celebration games. The wheelbarrow and 3 legged race were the biggest fields of the day and were supported by Bastion and Gabo cheer squads. The fashions on the field was again pushing the limits of Milan fashion design. Great work students! Bastion won the Staff V Bastion V Gabo relay. A teacher took out the open to all 100m race (while nearly pulling his hamstring).

A big thank you must go out to the Parents and Staff who assisted and with the running of the day. Thanks to the parent supporters who came down, I believe every year the crowd is getting larger every year. Thanks to Don Ashby who set up a fantastic stage and speaker system. Thanks for Cann and Noorinbee primary schools for making the journey. Thank you to all the students who assisted the running of the event, without you it wouldn’t be possible. Lastly thank you to Kathy (and her apprentice Marty) and the House Captains for setting up and running the day.

– Simon Berry and Kathy Scott