General School News

Dear Parents and Carers,

We hope your family have had a safe break from school and that students are ready to continue their learning from Wednesday 15th April.

As you may be aware, in response to the COVOID 19 crisis, the Government of Victoria has stated that all students who can work from home in Term 2 must do so.

All students will be working from home except for students in the following categories:

  1. Children on days when they are not able to be supervised at home and no other arrangements can be made. This will be available for children of parents who cannot work from home, and vulnerable children.

If you feel that your child/children meet the criteria and on-site supervision is required, please contact the College Office on 03 51580254 to provide the following information:

  • Name of child/children in need of on-site supervision
  • Dates supervision is required
  • Reason why your child/children needs supervision

 No students will be able to attend for on-site supervision without prior arrangements being made. This is due to staffing restrictions as a result of adhering to social distancing requirements.

In preparation for flexible and remote learning, we are continuing to put in place measures to ensure that our students are given as much support as possible through virtual platforms including Google Classroom and Webex Video Conferencing. Please note, staff will be in frequent contact with students and, where appropriate, parents and there will be a range of opportunities for students to ask questions and discuss learning. Students will be required to submit work through Google Classroom and feedback will be provided regularly. Work packs will also be provided in consideration of student developmental levels and potential internet accessibility issues. These packs will be available for collection from the front of school from Wednesday morning.

If your child/children do not have access to a device at home for school based work, please contact the College Office.

We have been informed that over the next two weeks the department will provide the school with access to sim cards and internet dongles which will provide internet access to students (who do not currently have internet access at home) for the purposes of completing school work only. These will be distributed as needed.

Tuesday 14th April is a Pupil Free Day. Staff will be continuing to plan for online and flexible delivery of curriculum. After this date we will provide families with additional ‘age specific’ information about how classes will be delivered for your child/children. We will also provide more specific information about who to contact should you have questions about your child’s/children’s learning, engagement or wellbeing.

At this stage, our Office will remain open during school hours.  Feel free to contact us.

Stay well.

Tim and Kathy

Today we met Andy Apple. Andy Apple is a crow who likes to balance apples on his hat. When he does this, he opens his mouth and says his favourite sound /a/.Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 7.54.47 PM

We also looked at colours in Spanish. Check out this great song.

We are also continuing to practise writing our names in ‘school’ writing.


Version 2

Welcome to our new Preps for 2016.

We have been having lots of fun getting to know each other. We have been singing lots of songs. Alice the Camel is one of our favourites.

Some favourite things at school are playing on the red slide, doing lots of running, hanging on the monkey bars and using the green iPad

We have met Sammy Snake who makes the sound /s/ and have been looking at numbers to 5.

Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 7.56.56 PM

On Friday the 12th June, we had an Arts Council Performance called Our Story.

The two presenters were extremely funny at telling the history of Australia in a funny, light hearted manner. Some favourite parts of the performance where when Neville balanced a chair on his chin, the army man lost his head (and not in battle) and Neville named our current Prime Minister as Toe, Knee, Ab (as in abdominal muscles) Butt. Hee Hee.IMG_7560 IMG_7565 IMG_7569 IMG_7573 IMG_7575 IMG_7577 IMG_7580 IMG_7581 IMG_7584 IMG_7586 IMG_7588 IMG_7592


Thank you and congratulations to our students who participated in the Mallacoota Centenary Commemorations for Anzac Day. You did both the college and your families proud.



A number of students walk with or for family members who have served for our great country.

Kahli Migotto-Brown presents the poem New Generation Veterans.IMG_1570 2

Max Gilchrist bows his head in respect after laying the wreath on behalf of Mallacoota P-12 College.

IMG_1587 2


Haydn Fellows fulfills the role of Master of Ceremonies

in Mark Tregellas’s absence.
IMG_1590 2








Kahli and Haydn congratulate each other at the end of proceedings.

IMG_1609 2

Arena Theatre: Trapper workshop – Spectacular!

On Thursday the 16th of October our VUS students (7-10) participated in a modern theatre production workshop. Arena Theatre Company brought three specialists to Mallacoota P-12 college to explore the idea of ‘choice’ (how much do we really have) and ‘networks’ (do the invisible networks we live in influence us more than we realise). Rube Goldberg machines were used to explore this idea. What’s a Rube Gold thingy, click the link below.

Students had a ball. They were split into three groups: Writers, Builders and Performers. Each group was tasked with developing a story of change. Each group did fantastic job. During the last session the challenge was to put together the writing, acting and machines. The end result was fantastic. The primary students were on hand as the first every audience for this intricate production. There were 3 Rube Goldberg machines that were interspersed with monologues. Photos are below and a video can be found by clicking the link.

Arena Theatre Company has visited all the secondary schools in the East Gippsland Network. They will be using the ideas the students developed in an upcoming production about ‘change’ and ‘networks’. It is great that our students have been able to contribute to a professional production.

Thanks to:

–          Arena Theatre Company for bringing this production to Mallacoota.

–          The school leadership team for supporting this initiative.

–          The staff that assisted on the day.

–          The students for bringing such a positive and exciting spirit to the program.


A fantastic video has been put up by Arena, starring many of our students.


Simon Berry

The school would like to introduce the 2014 senior leaders. We would like to congratulate these students on being chosen by their peers to be leaders in 2014.

School Captain elect: Marc Sammut

Gabo House Captains: Amy Preston and Thomas Reichelt

Bastion House Captains: Steven Clarke and Lucy Warren (absent)

You will all have the ability to have a positive influence on our school community. Good luck!!!!

****The House Captains are sporting our new jerseys! Don’t they look smashing. 

School and House Captains



Contact / Info provider


Mental   Health & Wellbeing

Gippsland   Medicare Local

Go to:


Liberty   Swing, Newman Park Traralgon

Do you have a key for   the Liberty Swing in Newman Park Traralgon?Newman Park, located on   Peterkin St in Traralgon boasts an ‘access for all’ type playground which   includes a railway station and platform, a maze decorated by local schools, a   teenage exercise/adventure area, an adventure castle, new BBQ facilities, new   toilet facilities incorporating disability access and a Liberty Swing financed   by the Variety Club some years ago.There was a lot of hype   and publicity when the Liberty Swing was first installed which saw a great   demand for its use.  We want to remind the community of this valuable   equipment and encourage its use to ensure the need continues to be identified   in the future for the establishment of accessible facilities such as   this.  The Liberty swing is accessible by a key that can be lent from   the Traralgon Service Centre from Monday to Friday between the hours of 8.30am   and 5.15pm.  The key can be collected on a Friday evening and returned   Monday morning if weekend use is required.  The Traralgon Service Centre   can be contacted on 1300 367 700.A number of keys were   distributed to local residents when the Liberty swing was first established   for more convenient and frequent access.  If you have, or know of   someone who has a key that is no longer required, we would appreciate that   you return it so that it can be redistributed to another family.  If you   feel you would benefit from having a key for the Liberty swing, please   register your interest.  All correspondence should be made to Laura   Jenkins, Rural Access Project Officer at Latrobe City Council by emailing



Social   Inclusion Week event in Sale

SOCIAL INCLUSION WEEK ►CELEBRATION◄◄◄◄Thursday 28th November 11am—2pm in the SALE MALLCome and join us!►Music►Information stalls

►Creative workshops


Rudely Interrupted are   a unique indie rock act with a great sound

‘Their music is some of the most energetic   and genuine to emerge from the Australian rock ‘n’ roll underground in recent   times. Timeout Sydney.

If the weather is bad   we will be in the Sale Memorial Hall

For more information   call Leanne on 0429 588 818



“Puzzled by Autism?”

for families of   children with autism –        grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends.

(Parents can come   too)

Wednesday   November 20, 2013: 7.30pm

at WECAN12 George Street, Warragul

Discussion and   Conversation led by Child Psychologist Lisa Archer

  •   What is autism?
  • Common myths and   misunderstandings
  • What does the   future hold?
  • Other questions   or concerns you may have and would like to explore

Please note:   Registration is necessary as this session can only proceed if we have   sufficient interest and numbers to bring Lisa here.

Gold Coin Donation.

RSVP: November 13, 2013 to Anne at WECAN

Ph: 5622 1200 or email



Cerebral Palsy Support Network new   website launch event

Date:   Friday 22nd November Time: 6.30pm

Venue: CPSN office, 525 High St   Preston

RSVP: by 15th November

Don’t   forget to your RSVP in quick and come along and help us celebrate the launch   of our NEW website –

The Board of Management and staff would   love for all members to come and join us over a glass of bubbly and some   delicious treats to help us officially launch the website on Friday 22nd November @ 6:30pm, 525 High   Street Preston.

This is a great opportunity for members   to come together and learn about how the new website can make your   life easier.

The new website will go live as of   the 13th November, so make sure you check out the upcoming news & events, a heap of information, resources and   so much more then!

In celebration we will also be holding a   members only website scavenger hunt, where you could WIN a $200   Coles / Myer voucher. Registrations for the   scavenger hunt will open on Friday 13th November. Stay tuned for   more information on how to win!

For further information on the website   launch please refer to the attached invite.

For all RSVP’s to the event please   contact and express your interest.



Welcome to DARU Update – 11 November 2013

Go   to:



Disability Self Help Grants Program   2013-15: Funding round now open

Grants   of up to $10,000 (over two years) are available to self-help groups to cover   general expenses, minor works and equipment purchases.

The above program is now open   and accepting funding applications up until 13 December 2013.

The grant round opening was advertised in Saturday’s Herald Sun newspaper (9   November), and previous program applicants have also been notified in writing   and sent guidelines for their consideration. Additional notifications are   being sent to The Collective of Self Help Groups and the Victorian Local   Government Disability Planners Network.

Further funding program information is provided in the website link below,   including guidelines and application form.



Community Family Fun Day

Make   & Create Crafts

Jumping   Castle

Saturday 30 th November 2013

10:30am – 1:30pm

Meeniyan   Recreation Reserve

Hanily   Street, Meeniyan

For   further information or to organise transport assistance

please   contact Julia at South Coast Primary Care Partnership

5674   0900

Sensory   Play


Come   & Try games & sport

Face   Painting

Family   treasure hunt

Quiet   Tent Autism friendly event



3D Program

This program is an initiative of   Cooinda Hill Traralgon and aims to support people with a disability between   the ages of 18 – 35 to try new options, learn new skills and put them into   action

An   initiative of Cooinda Hill Inc., the 3D Program is unique. It has been   established by professional and experienced staff using a set of 3 innovative   learning principles. The 3D program is aimed at young people between the ages   of 18-35 years of age who may need a bit of support building their   independent, adult lives. 3D is highly flexible, enabling people to get the   most out of the program, no matter what their life goals and priorities are.   The 3D Program strives to provide an engaging and supportive learning   environment which aims to provide the individual learner with the best   possible opportunity to explore, transition and maintain life long skills and   confidence to:

  •    Seek and maintain suitable employment
  •    Live independently, or learn independent   living skills
  •    Develop self advocacy skills
  •    Build Self esteem and confidence
  •   Understand   the importance of healthy living, good personal hygiene and presentation   skills
  •   Managing   and budgeting money
  •   Go   onto further education opportunities

Simply ring Cooinda Hill on 51744834   for further information. You can also speak to your planning or case manager.   Then you come and meet us and talk about the goals you have for your life and   what support you need to reach them. Remember, it is your choice what you do   with your life.

We support you to learn to make   smart decisions and give you direction to find what you are looking for



Genetic Support Network of Victoria – GSNV “Bits   & Pieces” email publication

Go   to:


Children with a Disability Australia (CDA) monthly   e-news November 2013

To have your copy emailed to you contact CDA: 1800 222 660 or via email to


“Wear something blue for 15q”

International Prader Willi Syndrome Organisation (IPWSO)   news flash

Greetings to you all!

Our very special date is just around the corner—15.11.13—15th   November, 2013. What makes this date   so special? The line-up of numbers are exactly the same as the deletion on   chromosome 15 that makes not only Prader-Willi   Syndrome what it is, but also is the marker for

Angelman’s Syndrome, and Duplicate 15q syndrome. These three syndromes are pinpointed by   this line-up of numbers which, coincidently, become the date, 15.11.13.

We want you to wear blue, to do something memorable to   publicise our special date so that people will become more aware of PWS.

“Wear something blue for 15q”

To all our PW Associations, to our Parent, Scientific, and   Caregiver Delegates: Please publicise awareness of this one-in-a-hundred-year   date by posting on Facebook, Tweeting around the world, making people aware   that we exist! All the information you need, you will find on our webpage  along with two amazing diagrams showing the   similarities among our sister syndromes. Use this information in your   newsletters, your email groups, your Facebook pages, and let’s see if we can   raise the profile of 15q around the world! You may also use these logos.

With very best regards to you all,

President and Board of IPWSO


2012 Volkswagen Caddy Maxi wheelchair accessible   vehicle



        2012   Volkswagen Caddy Maxi wheelchair accessible vehicle.

  •   1.6   litre diesel
  •   Automatic, only 20,000 km
  •   Registration to June 2014
  •   Cruise control, remote locking, air   conditioning
  •   One owner, only 18months old, full service   docs, well maintained
  •   4 separate seats and wheelchair passenger has   a spacious, comfortable compartment with unobstructed views through side   windows and a forward windscreen
  •    Wheel   chair(electric or manual), can be placed in back of vehicle, or a childs   chair can sit between the back seats to be close to driver and family   members.
  •   Flashcab conversion embraces simplicity,   quality and safety, well above Australian standards. The rear of the vehicle   is built to protect the wheelchair passenger in the event of a rear end   collision.
  •   Access for the wheelchair is by a folding ramp   through a rear door making use of the more common parking bays in carparks.  The ramp is fabricated from steel tube   sections and sheet steel and is particularly innovative in design with   simplicity and strength being the main criteria, strong, but light to lift.
  •   Ease of loading and unloading with limited   mechanical gadgets makes it a fast and reliable system.
  •   New vehicle with conversion $55,000, ASKING PRICE $46,500 ono.
  •   LOCATION Bendigo (central Victoria)
  •   CONTACT Meg or Pete 0458 362247

(more photos and information on   request)



Amaze eSpectrum November newsletter

Go to:


The ‘What about Human Rights’ Forum is for People   with

a Disability, Service Managers and Support Staff

The ‘What about Human Rights’ Forum is for People with a Disability,   Service Managers and Support Staff.BRING YOUR BOSS AND BRING YOUR WORKERS!Human rights matter. We all have human rights, sometimes people with   disability miss out on their human rights.It is important that everyone can get together to learn about human rights   in disability services. We all have a role to play, People with Disabilities,   Worker and Bosses.The forums will explore:

– NDS Victoria’s online human rights training program for disability   support workers

– VALID’s My Rights Training Program for people with a disability

If you would like to attend the forum please book online through Event   Bright or see link below.


Uniting Church  Park Lane, Traralgon

 Friday 22nd   November 2013 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Registration from 9:30am  (Morning tea provided)

Additional session for managers

12:00pm   – 1:00pm

Breigh Smith – Policy and Project   Officer, NDS

03 8341 4300

Jon Slingsby – KSP Self Advocacy Coordinator, VALID

03 9416 4003


Parent Support Groups meeting in 3   weeks’ time


Parents of   children with Autism Spectrum Disorder invited to attend the following   meeting: Inverloch & District ASD Support Group

Wed 4th Dec10.30am-12.30pm Inverloch Hub meeting room near playground 16   Abeckett St Tea/Coffee   provided   We provide   support info & social get-togethers. We have info on services in the   area. For more see the Autism Gippsland website

Contact Julie   5657 4248; Franki 0410 645 613




Bairnsdale & District challenging behaviour PARENT support group

You are warmly invited to attend the   following morning coffee/tea’s of the    Bairnsdale & District Challenging Behaviour Parent Support Group.   Parents of children with autism, ADHD, ODD and undiagnosed additional needs   are warmly invited to attend.

When:……………………………………………………………………….. Wednesday   December 4th 2013

Time:………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 10am—noon

Venue:…………………………………………………………………………………….. Relle’s   Chatterbox Café

2 / 180 Main Street – Campbell’s Centreway   Arcade, Bairnsdale

This meeting will be an informal opportunity   to get together in relaxed surroundings and chat.   Meals available if you wish to have lunch   afterwards

Coffee and cake is available to purchase as well

For further information please contact

Narelle    51 522 126 – 0414 915 440  or

Yvonne Waite from Parent To Parent Gippsland   1800 010 453


Wellington Special Needs Network Inc

are a group of parents of children & adult children with   disabilities who get together to share.    For more info contact Rosemary 0413 010   047

Anita 51444408

Where: 5 Star Housing Community Room – Between Howard & McCole   Streets Sale

Monday December 2nd 7:30pm – 9:30pm

  All family members welcome



‘Acknowledging Challenges BUT Living the Potential’

Presented By Kerry   Cooney – Author and Founder of “Every Day with ADHD” Renowned Australasian   speaker on Behaviour Management for challenging behaviours Answering the hard   questions

National Tour 2 Events One Day Open Seminar  Thursday 5th December 3.5 hour Youth Workshop Friday 6th December Understanding the behaviour   of ADHD and Learning DisabilitiesManaging the behaviour of   ADHD and Learning Disabilities

Turning Disengagement into   Engagement

Who should attend?

Parents Carers Support   staff

Disability Workers Youth   Workers Justice Workers

Drug and Alcohol Mental   Health Educators

Allied Health Managers   Service Coordinators

Where Cost

Travelodge Southbank One   Day Open Seminar $165.00 Cnr Southbank Ave & Riverside Quay Southbank

3.5 hour Youth Workshop   $88.00

Attend both events $220.00

Parking is available for   $12 per day from hotel reception. (03 8696 9600)

Presented By Kerry Cooney –   Author and Founder of “Every Day with ADHD” Renowned Australasian speaker on   Behaviour Management for challenging behaviours  Answering the hard questions

Further details Seminar outlines, dates and   bookings are available through the ‘Workshops and Seminars page’ on our   website.

****Please Note: It would be   advantageous for those attending the “Youth Workshop” to attend the one day   seminar as well.

Every Day with ADHD | Australia | +61 488 99 77 65 |  |


‘World Festival of Magic’

The ‘World Festival of Magic’ 20th   Anniversary Show is a spectacular family entertainment starring the   world-renowned Australian magician Michael Boyd whose mastery of   ‘Grand Illusion’ will amaze and astound you!


The Lions Club of Melbourne   Markets hosts this show to lift the spirits and bring well needed joy,   laughter and amazement to the special needs and disadvantaged children from   your local community. This   show will captivate and mesmerise both adults and children for the full 90   minutes.


Melbourne Convention Centre

Plenary Hall – 1 Convention Centre   Place, South Wharf


2 Show Times Available

Saturday 21st   December 2013

11.00am & 2.00pm

Please enjoy the tickets,   complimentary of the Lions Club of Melbourne Markets and the business   community of Melbourne and Surrounding Areas.


These   FREE tickets are available by contacting Yvonne at p2pg – or call 03 51 353   131 or 1800 010 453.  Please provide   these details: how many people will be attending – one ticket per person for   adults and children, and which show would suit you best 11am or 2pm

Note   – transportation and other associated costs are not covered, just admittance   to the show in Melbourne

Should   you have any further queries please contact Yvonne

Autism   Spectrum Australia (Aspect) 2 Day WEEKEND Positive Behaviour   Support Workshop: CARLTONReminder for weekend workshop.Places still available but minimum numbers are required for this   workshop to go ahead so please encourage parents carers and interested   professionals to register before Friday 15th November  


Autism   Spectrum Australia (Aspect) 2 Day WEEKEND Positive Behaviour   Support Workshop: CARLTON


In response to requests for a weekend workshop we have scheduled   Saturday 30th November and Sunday 1st November for parents and carers of   children and young adults aged 6 – 25 years with ASD and living at   home.  A great opportunity for parents and the professionals currently   working with their child to come along together and work as a team. Registrations are now   openWhen:                          Saturday 30th November & Sunday   1st December 2013 Where:                          Rydges on   Swanston – 701 Swanston Street, Carlton, VIC 3000Time:                            Saturday   9am-4pm & Sunday 9am-3pm (8:30am arrival for registration each day)Cost:                             $95 per   person (includes morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea & workshop materials)

Registration:               Register   & Payment online via the following direct link

Accommodation is also   available at Rydges on Swanston at a discounted rate for registered   participants who wish to stay for the weekend of the workshop.

Please refer to the attached workshop flyer for further   details.  Please check the eligibility criteria prior to   registering. If you have any additional queries, please contact Amber   Day (Administration) or Heather Kirkhope (Program Coordinator) – Email  or Phone 03 9377 6600

Eligibility to   participate in this 2 day Workshop:

§ Parents or carers of children and young   adults aged between 6 and 25 years, diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum   Disorder (ASD)

§ The individual with ASD must be living at   home

§   Participating   families are encouraged to invite professionals or service providers working   with them to attend the workshop

Families   participating in this 2 day workshop will:

§ Develop an understanding of autism and how   an ASD impacts upon learning and behaviour

§ Learn how to be proactive by creating an   autism friendly environment at home

§ Learn how to write an autism specific   behaviour support plan for one of their child’s behaviours

§ Learn how to write a plan to respond   confidently when challenging behaviour occurs

§   Learn   how to teach new skills to promote their child’s independence and quality of   life