Mallacoota P-12 College

ICT Acceptable Use Policy


Information and Communications Technologies (ICT), including the internet, are now a fundamental part of life in a digital age. They also offer many potential benefits for teaching and learning. 

Mallacoota P-12 College has an important role in ensuring that students know how to use ICT appropriately and safely to access, manage and evaluate information, develop new understandings, and communicate with others in order to participate effectively in society.


For the purpose of this policy, Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) are defined as being any electronic devices or applications which allows a user to access, receive, record, copy or send information as text, images, audio, or video.

ICT includes, but is not limited to:

  • Computer systems and applications such as email, and the internet
  • Networks
  • Electronic storage devices
  • Mobile devices such as mobile phones, tablet devices and PDAs
  • Web-based tools such as social networking sites, chat rooms, blogs, podcasts, instant messaging systems, and P2P file sharing
  • Imaging tools such as video, still or web cameras and related software
  • Audio tools such as audio recording devices, mp3 players and related software
  • Fax and copying machines
    • Staff use of Mallacoota P-12 College’s devices and/or network to access the internet or any other ICT application, is governed by the Department’s Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) as amended from time to time.
    • Student use of the Mallacoota P-12 College’s devices and/or network to access the internet or any other ICT application is governed by the E-Learning Agreement and Google Docs acceptance.  Students will be made aware of behaviour which is not acceptable when using ICT and the school’s Bullying, Facebook Policy and Code of Conduct, Behaviour Management and Discipline Policies will apply to breaches of expected behaviours – see “Consequences” below.
    • Cyberbullying and using ICT for inappropriate purposes (such as viewing/posting/sharing inappropriate or unlawful content; using ICT to harass, threaten or intimidate etc)  will not be tolerated by the college and consequences will apply to students in accordance with the Bullying, Facebook Policy and Code of Conduct, Behaviour Management and Discipline Policies
    • Staff and student personal ICT devices should be stored in a safe and secure place as the school will not be held liable for loss, damage or theft.
    • Distribution of school owned devices to students and personal student use of the internet at school will only be permitted where students and their parents/carers provide written acknowledgement that students agree to act in accordance with the conditions of loan and standards of conduct established in the college’s E-Learning Agreement.  
    • The Department’s Acceptable Use Policy applies to all school staff and staff should be familiar with the content of that policy. Breaches of this policy may result in disciplinary action (see Acceptable Use Policy).
    • Cameras, still and video (including mobile phone cameras) must not be used in private spaces for example changing rooms, toilets, gyms and swimming areas.  Action will be taken against any student or staff member who photographs or films other individuals without their knowledge or permission.
    • Photographs, video or digital images of a student are considered “personal information” and therefore their use and disclosure are governed by the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014  (Vic) (PDP Act) and the Information Privacy Principles contained within it.  Photographs, video and digital images of students may also contain copyright, and therefore may also be governed by the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth) (Copyright Act). To comply with the PDP Act, consent is required from parents/carers before schools can collect and use student photographs and film. In some instances, additional consent may be required to ensure compliance with the Copyright.
    • Mallacoota P-12 College will exercise special care and diligence when photographing and filming Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals and communities.  Premised on mutual respect, trust and the principle of free, prior and informed consent, the following will be discussed with the appropriate custodian/s prior to taking any footage:
  • a clear explanation of the film or photo process
  • proper information about the project, including the message, the medium and the audience
  • all proposed and foreseeable uses of the material, including secondary uses
  • the impacts of the material being disseminated
  • timeframes
  • any relevant intellectual property matters
  • that the person can choose not to be photographed or filmed.

Staff must not use any materials for purposes or uses other than that for which individuals have provided their free, prior and informed consent.  Images should also be positive and empowered images to assist in the promotion of the rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. As with all students, written consent is required for the photographing or filming of any student of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander background.


The use of the Mallacoota P-12 College’s ICT resources, including network, is subject to the Acceptable Use Policy (for staff) and Acceptable Use Agreements (for students). The school’s ICT resources can only be used for or in connection with the educational or administrative functions of the school.

This policy is intended to operate within and be consistent with existing school policies and procedures in areas such as:

  • Student Engagement and Well policy
  • Anti-bullying (specifically cyber-bullying)
  • Anti-harassment policies

4.1 Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of staff and students to protect his/her password and not divulge it to another person. If a student or staff member knows or suspects his/her account has been used by another person, the account holder must notify a teacher or the administration as appropriate, immediately.

All messages created, sent or retrieved on the school’s network are the property of the school. The school reserves the right to access and monitor all messages and files on the computer system, as necessary and appropriate.   Communications including text and images may be required to be disclosed to law enforcement and other third parties without the consent of the sender.

4.2 Consequences of Improper Use

Consistent with the Bullying, Facebook Policy and Code of Conduct, Behaviour Management and Discipline Policies breaches of the Acceptable Use Policy by students and staff can result in a number of consequences depending on the severity of the breach and the context of the situation.

For Students;

  • removal of network access privileges
  • removal of email privileges
  • removal of internet access privileges
  • removal of printing privileges
  • other consequences as outlined in the school’s policies

For Staff:

Non-compliance with the Acceptable Use Policy will be regarded as a serious matter and appropriate disciplinary action may be taken. See Acceptable Use Policy for more information – http://www.education.vic.gov.au/school/principals/infrastructure/pages/acceptableuse.aspx

Use of ICT to engage in behaviour that amounts to bullying, harassment or unlawful discrimination is prohibited and may result in disciplinary action. 

While the internet may be largely a self-regulated environment, principles of defamation law, privacy law and community standards still apply to communication and publishing via the internet or other electronic means. In addition to school consequences, there are legal sanctions for improper use of the internet and ICT.

Other school policies which are connected with this policy are:

  • The school’s Anti-bullying (including cyber-bullying)
  • The school’s Anti-harassment policy
  • The school’s Student Engagement & Wellbeing policy
  • The school’s Duty of Care policy


This policy will be reviewed annually or more often if necessary due to changes in legislation, policy or local circumstances.       

Cate Tregellas

School Council President

Mallacoota P12 eLearning Agreement

When using my personal school laptop:

  • I agree to use it primarily as a LEARNING TOOL
  • I agree to bring my laptop to school each day fully charged
  • I agree to take responsibility for my files and always save a back up
  • I agree not to share my laptop or password with other students
  • I agree to respect my parents/guardians and teachers by using my laptop in accordance with the Mallacoota P12 eLearning Agreement as well as any rules set my parents/guardians at home
  • I understand the laptop is school property and that I will be required to hand it in if I breach the eLearning or Laptop Agreements
  • I understand that all content and activity on my laptop is recorded and easily accessed and that my laptop is therefore not PRIVATE. I understand my teachers/parents/guardians have the right to view the content of my laptop anytime.
  • I agree to not to install, delete or modify the pre-installed laptop software


  • I agree to respect myself, others and the environment and to be SAFE, RESPONSIBLE and CONSIDERATE in the way I communicate with others
  • I agree to use the laptop as directed by my teacher/parent/guardian
  • I agree to abide by the terms of the Mallacoota P12 eLearning Agreement both at home, at school and on school excursions


  • I agree to use common sense and to practise safe and responsible OH & S
  • I agree to carry my laptop inside the case when it is not in use
  • I agree to report any damage to ICT technician and I understand repairs must be authorised.
  • I agree to report loss or theft to the ICT Coordinator and then the police.

The laptops have a 3 year warranty however repair or replacement costs outside warranty and reasonable use may be incurred by the student/parent/guardian.

The school provides free internet access to all students in a safe environment.

When using the Internet, I agree to:

  • protect my privacy rights and those of other students by not giving out personal details including full names, telephone numbers, addresses and images
  • use the Internet in line with my school’s student code of conduct and use appropriate language when talking to and working with others online
  • use the Internet at school for educational purposes and use the equipment properly
  • use social networking sites for educational purposes and only as directed by teachers
  • not deliberately enter or remain in any site that has obscene language or offensive content (e.g. racist material or violent images)
  • abide by copyright procedures when using content on websites (ask permission to use images, text, audio and video and cite references where necessary)
  • think about how I use content posted on the Internet and not simply copy and paste information from websites
  • not interfere with network security, the data of another user or attempt to log into the network with a user name other than my own
  • not reveal my password to anyone except the system administrator or classroom teachers
  • not bring or download unauthorised programs, including games, to the school or run them on school computers
  • talk to my teacher or another adult if:
    • I need help online
    • I feel that the welfare of other students at the school is being threatened by online activities
    • I come across sites which are not suitable for our school
    • someone writes something I don’t like, or makes me and my friends feel uncomfortable or asks me to provide information that I know is private.

When using the mobile devices at school such as a camera, camcorder, USB stick, ipod, mp3player, portable hard drive, laptop or netbook, I agree to:

  • not bring or download unauthorised programs, including games, to the school or run them on school computers
  • use these devices for learning purposes as directed by my teacher
  • mobile phones should be switched off in class, unless directed by the teacher
  • act responsibly and not use the device to find, create or send information that might be harmful, inappropriate or hurtful to me or anyone else
  • only take photos or record sound or video when it is part of a class or lesson
  • seek permission from individuals involved before taking photos, recording sound or videoing them (including teachers)
  • seek written permission from individuals involved before publishing or sending photos, recorded sound or video to anyone else or to any online space
  • respect others when I talk to and work with them online and never write or participate in online bullying
  • seek teacher permission before uploading any content to websites, blogs etc

This Acceptable Use Policy also applies to students during school excursions, camps and extra curricula activities.

I have read the eLearning Agreement and understand the significance of the conditions and agree to abide by these conditions.  I understand that a breach of these conditions will result in consequences including loss of internet access privileges.

Student Name:___________________________________         Year Level:__________

Student Signature:_______________________________

Parent Signature:________________________________


VCE/ VET: Our timetable will run as usual this term starting from tomorrow Wednesday. Students will log on to each Google Classroom at the appropriate time each day. Work will be submitted through Google Classroom and regular feedback will be provided.

VCAL Will have a blend of Hardcopy and Google Classroom and Practical Delivery.

 Middle Years 5-10: Packs of Hardcopy work will be available for collection from the front of the school by 9am tomorrow; this work may also be made available via Google Classroom.

Students are encouraged to complete their work for each subject at the timetabled time and contact their teacher in that time window by Google Classroom, email or phone if they have any questions or are seeking clarification in preparation for next week. Packs will be available for collection and drop off on Friday afternoons and Monday mornings. Laptops will be made available to primary students, and for those who require computers shortly. Please standby.

Year specific Timetables will be available tomorrow online and within the student packs.

Students who do not have internet connection or suitable devices at home are encouraged to contact our School Office on 51580254 24hours beforehand. They can then attend, coming in through the front office, registering and having their learning delivered Virtually in Room 7 supervised by a staff member.

Early Years Prep-4: Packs of hard copy work will be available for collection from the front of the school tomorrow Wednesday morning at 9am. We will trial a system where pickup and drop off under the Principals window will be available to parents PM on a Friday and AM on the following Monday. Staff will have packs ready by 12.30pm on a Friday.

Teachers are available to answer questions via Webex, email, phone and Google Classroom. In preparation for next week, packs will be available for collection and drop off on Friday afternoon and Monday morning. Laptops will be made available to primary students shortly. Decodable readers will be available. Perhaps one for this week and a couple for next week.

Home Groups: Each Home Group now has their usual teacher and an Education Support Officer to support The Homegroup. One of the tasks will be to contact families on the progress and the successes and challenges.

Our Library will be open and return boxes available

As advised by DET and The Department of Health things may change, we will keep you informed, we are here to support you. Please feel free to contact the school with any queries or questions. Please contact staff during their work days and school hours, refer to the timetable.

Please remember that Parents, Students and Staff can contact me any time on 51580254 or my Mobile 0407 524902 or via my email address cashmore.tim.h@edumail.vic.gov.au

Tim Cashmore

We have been going to the Pub pool to do our swimming lessons. We have been doing pin drops into the pool.

We have been using blocks in Maths.

We have been making our own dot to dots.

We’ve learnt the difference between a word and a letter.

Jimmy, Sam, Kirra, Emerson, apple, banana are all words.

S, e, r, j, k are all letters.

East Gippsland Basketball

East Gippsland Basketball


Year 7-10 Girls team:

We did really well seeing as though we had one training session before hand, we will train up and get them next time. We lost both games but scored 4 points against Lakes Entrance. If we train for next year we could be a real threat to the other teams and they won’t know what has hit them. #droppingbasketssince1998


Year 9/10 Boys team:

The boys did very well against tough opposition, especially considering we only had one training session. Our opponent forfeited the first game, so we had a practice match with the year 7s. In the second game we lost to a fairly good Nagle team but did manage to score some points. With some practice this team could be really good and might be a threat for the title next year.


Yr 7/8 Boys team: We had three grade 7/8 boys it was really hard as some were sick and some pulled out, but luckily we had two year 9s and won two games one was the Lakes Entrance and the other wasn’t there because they didn’t show up, but we also loss to Nagle. There score was 10 points and ours was 6 points, it was rough but we had fun and got to see the other teams play and go to have Subway, McDonald’s, and Peppers. So us grade 7/8s had fun and we’d like to do it again sometime and play

more basketball games.


Tyson: Dropping some baskets


Harry: we fly as one   BAKKAAARRRR #qualitybanterfeatbezza #cheekynandoswiththelads

Mitch: Nagle is annoying.

Archie: It was a fun day. Next year we will win.

Malakai: We did our best and maybe next time we’ll be dunking some more hoops

Brodie: It was heaps of fun playing Bball with Tyrone, next year we will dominate

Laurel: Really fun day. Everyone did really well. We will win next year and we will beat Nagle. BAKKKKKAAAARRRR

Jacqueline: It was a really fun day, everyone played really really well and hope to do it again next year. Go Pelicans!!!

Hannah: Such a great experience getting to play a different sport, Mr Berry was an awesome coach!

Jacob: “It doesn’t matter if they’re behemoths, no shut up Archie. It doesn’t matter because we can’t lose no matter what. We always win in spirit.

Rhys: Playing against Naegle made me realise how much harder I have to practice if I ever want to compete on their level. Sure it was demoralising, but how else can you learn how far you have to go and how hard you have to try.

On behalf of Bailey: Bailey hit a 3 point play (foul 2 pts, then hit the free throw), then a 2 pointer, to top score with 5 pts in one game. Awesome!


– Mallacoota P-12 Basketball teams.

East Gippsland Basketball




Yesterday our experiments failed so we decided to try them again but change the ingredients.


Today we used cordial, detergent and oil. We also added less iron filings than yesterday. We had smaller, flat containers to hold the liquid. We used a horseshoe, donut and bar magnets.


Our experiment was much more successful because we could see the results much more easily because they were lighter coloured liquids.

IMG_8204 IMG_8206 IMG_8207 IMG_8208 IMG_8209 IMG_8210

Today the weather was finally clear enough to have our school cross country. We all wandered down to the main oval straight after lunch. The different year levels were raring to go and found it difficult to settle and listen to Mr Berry’s instructions. The 5 kilometre competitors got to go first. There were only 3; Bryce Watts Parker, Hannah Searl and Brodie Scott. We had to wait until they had completed a lap of the camp park before we got to start the next year levels. In this group there were heaps of competitors. Emma blew the siren and everybody was off for a 3 kilometre run. Finally it got down to the Primary year levels running varying distances. Congratulations to everybody for their commitment, enthusiasm and good sportsmanship. It was a great way to spend a Friday afternoon. Well done to all those that helped to make this event such a success by time keeping, taking photos, rewarding ribbons, blaring the starting siren, setting up the course, marshalling, encouraging and cheering on the competitors and the list goes on and on. Congratulations Mr Berry for all your hard work in running the event and making it such a success.  IMG_7429 IMG_7431 IMG_7439  IMG_7449 IMG_7452 IMG_7451IMG_7453 IMG_7454 IMG_7456 IMG_7458 IMG_7459 IMG_7464


Cohen enjoyed doing his best and getting a ribbon.

Crystal liked running.

Unya enjoyed getting ready at the starting line.

Remo enjoyed cheering for the others.

Great work Prep/One.


We began the afternoon with shared reading time. It wasn’t as silent as we usually like it but the buzz of a book being shared was really exciting. It was really lovely to younger siblings reading to their older brother or sister and vice versa.

We then made our way down to Room 7 for our Mother’s Day Readings presentation. Congratulations to the Grade 6 students who did an excellent job of MC the whole event. The readings brought giggles, oooohs and aaaaahs and even some lumps in the throat and tears in the eyes.

The afternoon was broken up by a number of Maths activities that had Mums and children strategising, hypothesising, calculating and manipulating.

Grade 2/3s and Prep/Ones reading the stories and poetry about Mum, once again brought about some emotional responses to their heartfelt messages.

We completed the afternoon racing around the school grounds working out clues and searching for specific places as depicted in small thumbnail photos. Each location provided us with a letter that helped us to decipher hidden messages for our Mums.


Thank you to all of our mothers and grandmothers who were able to attend our Mother’s Day Celebration afternoon last week.

   IMG_7307_2 IMG_7306_2 IMG_7305_2 IMG_7304_2 IMG_7302_2    IMG_7298_2

   IMG_7290_2 IMG_7289_2   IMG_7286_2  IMG_7284_2   IMG_7281_2 IMG_7280_2 IMG_7279_2





IMG_7264_2 IMG_7263_2 IMG_7262_2 IMG_7261_2
IMG_7258_2 IMG_7256_2


      IMG_7249_2 IMG_7248_2 IMG_7246_2 IMG_7245_2 IMG_7244_2 IMG_7243_2 IMG_7242_2 IMG_7241_2    IMG_7247_2


Thank you to all of our mothers and grandmothers who were able to attend our Mother’s Day Celebration afternoon on Friday last week.