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IMG_0995 This week for our group actiivities we played with the washing line. We have to sort the washing according to the first sound in the word. We think its interesting.IMG_0996 We were decorating our Spanish rainbow that has the different words for the colours. Azul is blue, verde is green, rojo is red, rosa is pink, naranja is orange, moored is purple and amarillo is yellow.

This is the Rosie’s Walk mat. We have read about Rosie and the fox. On the mat we play with the puppets. We like it, some of us even love it.


IMG_0997 On the iPad we trace the patterns with our fingers. We are practising handwriting. It is fun.IMG_0998

Here we are reading Rosie’s Walk. It is a display on each side of the ramp. Please come and have a look at our chickens. They have the words that describe how Rosie went around the farm.


Today was our first practise at Silent Reading after lunch. We went to the different classrooms to see how they read so, so quietly. We saw the Grade 5/6s and the Year 7s all reading their own books quietly. One boy was even reading his book on his phone.

When we got back to our classroom we had a practise. Mrs Fellows even took a video to show us how well we did. Unfortunately it won’t fit on this website.


IMG_0771 (1)Today was our last swimming lesson. We have now had 10 lessons and were lucky to have some very warm weather. Some of our favourite activities were floating with the life jackets, doing somersaults off the mat, doing pin drop and bombs into the pool, using the noodles for horse races and diving for things off the bottom. Thank you Tammie and Jennie for a great two weeks. We have made so much progress in that time.

IMG_0891 IMG_0843 IMG_0840 IMG_0836 IMG_0837 IMG_0833 IMG_0829 IMG_0802IMG_0509

We have been going to the Pub pool to do our swimming lessons. We have been doing pin drops into the pool.

We have been using blocks in Maths.

We have been making our own dot to dots.

We’ve learnt the difference between a word and a letter.

Jimmy, Sam, Kirra, Emerson, apple, banana are all words.

S, e, r, j, k are all letters.

Today we met Andy Apple. Andy Apple is a crow who likes to balance apples on his hat. When he does this, he opens his mouth and says his favourite sound /a/.Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 7.54.47 PM

We also looked at colours in Spanish. Check out this great song.

We are also continuing to practise writing our names in ‘school’ writing.


Version 2

Welcome to our new Preps for 2016.

We have been having lots of fun getting to know each other. We have been singing lots of songs. Alice the Camel is one of our favourites.

Some favourite things at school are playing on the red slide, doing lots of running, hanging on the monkey bars and using the green iPad

We have met Sammy Snake who makes the sound /s/ and have been looking at numbers to 5.

Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 7.56.56 PM

Today we had sausages for lunch. They were really yummy. We could have two each. We made them ourselves at the Butcher’s when we visited last week.

We dressed up today as an Occupation. We had a motorcycle stunt rider, a ninja, two football players, an actor, two vets, a rock star, two surfers, a ballerina, a tennis player, a soccer player and two bugentologist.

We went to see the Grade 4/5 Antarctica display. It was amazing. They went to so much effort. Congratulations everyone.

We also had stories, made by the year 9s read to us also by the Year 9s.




Yesterday our experiments failed so we decided to try them again but change the ingredients.


Today we used cordial, detergent and oil. We also added less iron filings than yesterday. We had smaller, flat containers to hold the liquid. We used a horseshoe, donut and bar magnets.


Our experiment was much more successful because we could see the results much more easily because they were lighter coloured liquids.

IMG_8204 IMG_8206 IMG_8207 IMG_8208 IMG_8209 IMG_8210

Today we tried an experiment to see the magnetic fields of magnets. We put honey in a jar, we wrapped a magnet in Glad Wrap and added iron filings to the honey.

We also put maple syrup (which should have been Golden Syrup) into a container. We added iron filings to this container and sat in on two horseshoe magnets.

Our last container was the same as the one before but we sat the container on a bar magnet.IMG_8198 IMG_8194


Step 1: Get two different sized ziplock bags.

Step 2: In the BIG bag get 6 tablespoons of salt and fill the bag 1/2 full of ice.

Step 3: In the SMALL bag put some vanilla, 1/2 cup of milk or cream and 2 teaspoons of sugar.

Step 4: Seal the small bag getting out as much air as possible.

Step 5: Put the small bag inside the BIG bag.

Step 6: Seal the big bag.


Step 8: After around ten minutes, take your small bag out of your big bag. Remove all of the ice and salt from outside the little bag.

Step 9: Taste. YUMMY!

Today we had to shake a bag to make ice-cream.

Crystal’s was a bit too salty.

Winter’s did not have any salt in the ice cream mixture.

We made it in Science down in the cooking room.

Some people’s ice cream was liquid and some people’s ice cream was solid.

We used milk, sugar and vanilla.

It worked because the salt and the ice were together and it makes the milk freeze quicker.

We had vanilla, sugar and we had ice and milk and salt.

We put some milk in the bag.

We had to shake and shake and shake and shake and Gypsy and Nina had to take turns of shaking because ours wasn’t working. Nina’s didn’t work but it was still very yummy.

We used salt with ice. It made the ice cream salty when it fell into the ice cream.

It was yummy.

We were making a solid  out of a liquid.

IMG_7670_2 IMG_7674 IMG_7675_2 IMG_7676 IMG_7678_2 IMG_7679 IMG_7681 IMG_7682_2 IMG_7683 IMG_7685_2 IMG_7686_2 IMG_7687_2 IMG_7688_2 IMG_7689 IMG_7690_2 IMG_7691_2 IMG_7692_2 IMG_7693_2 IMG_7694_2 IMG_7696_2 IMG_7697_2 IMG_7698_2 IMG_7700_2 IMG_7701_2 IMG_7702_2 IMG_7704_2 IMG_7707_2 IMG_7709_2