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physical education

On the 2nd of May, 2013, Mallacoota sent their best young surfers to compete against the best in the Surfing Victoria team titles. The team consisted of Chloe and Brodie Scott, Kahli and Chiara Migotto-Brown, Tom Reichelt, Hannah Searl and Arrow Embleton-Mew. A huge thank you must go to our local sponsors. Mallacoota Pharmacy, Mallacoota I.G.A., City to Surf transport and Mallacoota Butchers. Without the support of the community the students would not have been able to attend. Thank you very much. See below for the students and my report.

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On the 2nd of May, seven of Mallacoota P-12’s keenest surfers, Kahli, Chiara, Chloe, Brodie, Tom, Arrow, and Hannah accompanied by Simon and Priya travelled to Torquay SLSC for the night, to then surf at the state championships on the 3rd of May at Jan Juc. 

Coming third place in our heat ‘the Coota groms’ made it into the finals placing fifth in the state. We all had a fantastic time and a great experience. Quotes from the students about the trip;

“The highlights of the day was being able to just surf” – Arrow

“A top effort from everyone who participated” – Chloe

“Making the finals and working as a team” – Tom

“Getting to surf a new break and socializing” – Brodie

“It was a great experience & improvement from last year. The highlight was touching the sand at Bells Beach” – Hannah

“An amazing experience, so much fun, great exposure to doing something that I love doing and wouldn’t be possible without all the support. Huge thank you to Simon & Priya” – Kahli


“Surfing all day and having fun” – Chiara


 – Kahli, Chloe, Brodie, Tom, Chiara, Arrow, Hannah

We would like to thank the following on behalf of the seven of us; Simon and Priya Berry (for driving), Nigel Allison (for inspiration and organising), Jade Nolan (for great training). our parents (for their support), and the following for sponsorship – City to Surf transport, Coota Butchers, Coota I.G.A., and Coota Pharmacy. 


The students were very excited to leave school (2 hrs early mind you) for the surfing competition. Spirits were high even though the the team was looking at an 8 hr journey. We arrived in Torquay at 10pm and sought our beds quickly. The students woke and ate breakfast looking out over Torquay main beach while the sun came up. It was decided a trip to the spiritual home of surfing,  Bells Beach, was on the cards. After soaking up the ambience at Bells students headed to the competition.




The students did not have to compete in the qualification round this year and were straight through to the semi-finals. The swell that the students received in the semi-final was extremely challenging. But thanks to the great team work, particularly of Tom, Chiara and Arrow (who all completed their 2 waves in less than 10 minutes) the team secured the 5 pts for finishing early and made it though to the final.



The final was an extravaganza of young surf talent. Wonthaggi, the eventual winner, had every surfer completing bottom and top turns, as well as some floaters. The swell was a lot more kind this time and the Mallacoota team did fantastically. Chloe and Kahli grabbed two great waves each, which was followed up by Hannah who scored solidly on two. The team was so efficient thanks to Tom, Chiara and Arrow, Brodie was left with 20 minutes. Her last wave was the best of the day for the team. A fantastic right hander with lots of turns. The students were ecstatic after the final with such a great effort by the whole team. They placed fifth in the state, but to all it felt like first.


A large thank you to Jade Warren for her expert coaching and training sessions. Thank you Torquay SLSC, who offered fantastic accommodation, Nigel Allison for assistance on the day and Priya Berry for accompanying us.

I lastly want to thank the students. They should be proud of themselves, as I know Mallacoota P-12 College and Mallacoota in general is. Their behaviour was exceptional, energy was contagious, and manners were second to none. Well done guys!!!

Simon Berry

Secondary Sports Coordinator




On the 2nd of March, 2013 five of our students, Ryley B, Ryley M, Patch, Steven and Deklan, were extremely privileged to be able to participate in the  full bore shooting hosted by the Rosedale Rifle Range.  A large thanks goes out to the Rosedale rifle range for professionally hosting such a fantastic event. The coaches were fantastic! A huge thanks to Jim who’s experience and assistance in driving was invaluable.  Please read on for the students report. Also check in a week or two for some very professional photos (Thanks Ryley B)

– Mr BerryP1000198

On Friday 22nd of March five of Mallacoota’s best young shooters, Deklan Heard, Patch Chevers, Ryley Morris, Steven Clark and Ryley Broome went to Rosedale Rifle Range.



Ryley Morris: started off with a 21 out of 40


Ryley Broome: Excellent score of 35 out of 40


Patch Chevers: Got a good score of 35 out of 40


Deklan Heard: Got a good score of 33 out of 40


Steven Clark: Got a score of 19 out of 40

We missed out on 3rd place by 3 points.

The weather was good but it was really windy and it affected our accuracy a bit. Overall we had a really fun day and we hope to go again next year.

– Ryley B, Ryley M, Deklan, Patch and Steven


Mallacoota P-12 had 2 senior competitors attend Gippsland secondary regional swim carnival. Kahli Migotto-Brown and Jess Gellert. Both students swam remarkably to get to this level and should be commended.

Jess won her way through to States representing Mallacoota P-12 and Gippsland in the Freestyle and Butterfly at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre next week.

A big thank you to Nicole Gellert for taking both girls to Sale to participate in this carnival. Without such fantastic parents we would not be able to give the students the opportunities of larger schools.

Simon Berry


Firstly a big thank you to Stephanie Mew for taking the students to Orbost for the zone swimming (hopefully you didn’t get too wet). See below for a description of the day by Steph.

The students did very well. All of them got a ribbon! Jess won everything such a sensational swimmer I want some lessons.  Arch got a second in butterfly and third in free, Arrow got some second and thirds as did Khali.  She swam amazingly well, her freestyle race was incredibly close you could have ‘thrown a blanket’ over the first three. The girls relay was a highlight as Belle stepped up an age group and they came second.

A teacher approached me from another school to remark how well we went as before three quarters of the way through the program we were less than ten points off the leaders! Next year you should push for a better lane, we were up against the wall in lane 6 simply because we were a small school. The only downside: we were caught in a massive down pour at the end and were still waiting on the relays, which the girls came 2nd in. Worth the wait

–          Stephanie Mew

Congratulations to all the students who attended and gave their all. You have done yourselves and your school proud.

Mr. Berry

Mallacoota P-12 College students were extremely excited to have a visit from Ian Rossborough and his assistant from Cricket Victoria. Ian is a coaching specialist who teachers cricket (specifically super 8’s) in Victorian Schools in a fun and competitive environment. Ian took the primary students for an hour and took our senior students for 2 hours. The students enjoyed themselves immensely. The students were fantastic and energetic, so much so, that Ian has arranged to come back in term four this year.

Last year we send a Boys and Girls Super 8’s team to Bairnsdale and Sale, those students had a fantastic time and learnt some great skills. This year we were hoping to send our Sec students to a tournament term one, unfortunately this was cancelled due to student participation rates. Another tournament will be held in term four, hopefully we will get some takers this time.

See below for some fantastic photos.

For more information visit

Simon Berry

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Last Friday morning saw students from years 4-12 pile into buses dressed in their team colours of red (Gabo) or blue(Bastion)  to travel to Eden and participate in the annual Mallacoota P-12 College swimming carnival.


They day commenced with 25 metre races, then on to the 50 metre races throughout the day, which saw many eager participants qualify for the district inter-school levels, which will be held in Orbost over the next couple of weeks.



As the day progressed there were participants of all ages getting involved in one way or another. Whether it be competing in a race, going in the walking lane to gain some extra points for their team or waiting for the novelty events at the end of the day, everyone showed the team spirit and made the day enjoyable for all and a great success.


The traditional student – teacher race at the end of the day proved to be too much for the teachers, who were pipped at the post due to the students’ obvious skill, stamina and age advantage.


When the results were tallied up at the end of the day, there was a history making moment with only one point separating the two teams of Gabo and Bastion. Gabo took out the victory as the winners of the Mallacoota P-12 swimming sports for the first time in years!


The day couldn’t have happened without the teachers and helpers who organised this event and put so much effort into making it a great day. Thanks to all for coming along and contributing to the day!

Chloe Scott


I would like to thank all the parents and staff who supported the day. It was a fantastic event. Lastly but most of all, thank you very much to the Sport Captains  Chloe, Jess, Jaz and Las and the School Captain; Meg for their fantastic leadership and hard work through out the day.

Simon Berry