Mallacoota  P – 12 College


Dear Parents and Students,

We are looking forward to the return of our Prep to Yr2 and Yr11 & 12 students (plus Yr10 for any timetabled VCE subjects) from Tuesday 26th May. (Monday is a pupil free day- no students at school and no work requirements for students on this day.) There are a few changes that we need to make parents and students aware of before the return to school.

  • Drop off and collection of students: If parents are dropping students at school or collecting at the end of the day, we encourage this in one of three locations- Bucknall St entrance, Hunter St North or Hunter St South entrances. We request that adults do not congregate and demonstrate good social distancing.
  • Entering school: There will be hand sanitiser at each entrance and into each classroom. Everyone entering the school will be expected to sanitise upon arrival. Regular hand washing and sanitising will be expected throughout the day.
  • Visitors to the school: This will be limited to deliveries and essential school services.
  • Drinking taps and the water filter will be off limits. All students are asked to bring enough water for the day and refill at home. (We do have some bottled water available for anyone who runs out.)
  • No sharing of food (this includes for special occasions.)
  • Camps and excursions will not resume at this stage.
  • Secondary students will not be allowed down the street on Mondays or Fridays.
  • Secondary students’ use of the cooking room for heating up lunches will be allowed on a rotational basis with Yrs 10/11&12 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Once Yr7/8&9 return in a few weeks’ time, they will have use of the cooking room on Mondays and Wednesdays.
  • With parental permission, Secondary students may go home for lunch- forms available from the office.
  • Yr11 students who have a study period at the beginning or end of the day may have a late start or early finish with parental permission- forms available from the office.
  • There will be additional cleaning during school hours.

Yours sincerely

Tim Cashmore


Mallacoota  P – 12 College serves a small vibrant community in Victoria’s Far East. Our purpose is to maintain a happy learning community where students from prep to year twelve can achieve to their full potential in a unique social and natural environment. The College prides itself on maintaining high academic standards within a supportive and inclusive environment. Emphasis is placed on maintaining a school culture of mutual respect where all students, parents and staff feel safe and supported. We are committed to maintaining positive relationships with the wider community. School facilities and grounds are used by a range of community groups after school hours. Positive relationships and communication between home and school is a key component in creating a successful learning environment. Staff and parents are asked to communicate regularly in a range of settings and to work together for the benefit of our students. The College is governed by a strong and dedicated school council who have a long term commitment to making Mallacoota P – 12 College a leader in best school practice. A student representative council provides students with a voice and allows our students to take a leadership role in the directions and running of the school.

Tim Cashmore Principal


 School Procedures for the Bushfire Season  <<< click for details >>>

NOTICE: Hunter Street (North side of school)

In order to reduce risk to students and local residents, drivers using Hunter street (North) are asked to park in a way that eliminates the need to reverse during the busy drop off and pick up times. Thank you.