Grade 2 3

grade 2 3

We used balloons and bubbles in dance toady. We had to move like a bubble and a balloon. We floated, drifted and popped.

In ‘active leisure’ we did a treasure hunt and the secret message was… (you’ll have to read all about it on Monday)

We finished our Big Book, ‘Taking Care of Henry’ by Anne Fine and illustrated by Paul Howard and we voted on who we wanted to stay with and the next door neighbour was our choice.

Some boys in our room are getting ready for ‘Clean Up Australia’ and they collected a whole large bag of rubbish.


Today some people did a whole page of anti-clockwise letters.

We made plans for the garden area near the hot house. Some people suggested we have a garden path, a bird bath, a fish pond, fruit trees and flowers and garden seats.

In our class book, ‘Penny Pollard’s Diary’, Penny didn’t like pretty dresses and didn’t want to visit the elderly people.

State Emblems

Today we wrote about ourselves.

We played games about team work. The caterpillar game is where people have to sit on each others lap and try to move.

Spelling rules we discussed – dropping the ‘e’ on the end of the base word before we add ‘ing’ eg. ride-riding

We got badges and ribbons as part of our self reflection on how we are working throughout the day.

Victoria has six emblems they are:

victorianflag The Victorian Flag




COAT_OF_ARMS The Victorian Coat of Arms


HELMETEDHONEYEATER  The Helmeted Honeyeater


weedy_seadragon_with_weedThe Common Seadragon

We started the day with ‘huff and puff’.

We learnt all the anti-clockwise letters. a,g,d,c,q,s,e.

Our group activities for maths were computers, worksheet, teacher group and games.

Today we are doing art for the first time. We are making a jungle by drawing and copying leaves using pastels.


Our Big book toady was a chapter book. The first chapter was about Hugo and he didn’t know who to choose to stay with while mum had the baby.

We worked out how many more days until our Melbourne trip. 28+12=40. Forty more days.

We’re talking about the months and seasons. We can use our knuckles to work out how many days are in a month and we can use a poem.

We had circle time. We decided on our class rules. They are, We have good manners in our class and Safety first.

We have new displays in our room.

Harper got an award for ‘bouncing back’ after he fell off his bike on the way to school.

A nice community member helped him.

We have a display of colors on our wall. Red, blue and yellow are the primary colours.

Red, blue and white are the colours of the Australian flag. Green and gold are the Australian colours and red and yellow are the ‘life-saving’ colours.

We learnt to challenge ourselves when something is easy.

We did activities to do with calendars.

This afternoon we are doing sport.

Have a good weekend.

We started our day at a P12 assembly. We welcomed new students and staff and were wished a good year. We start the day with huff and puff.

We have learnt to keep our room tidy

We are starting to learn about our country Australia and the state Victoria.

The state symbol is the southern cross.

We were given a reminder bag at the start of the day it has a medal because we are all winners, it also has a cloth to soak up knowledge, a toy to remind us to have fun and play after our work, a button to remind us to speak nicely, a sticker because we stick together.


We had music with Mrs Broome, we played instruments and wrote some music, we also have new instruments.

Paul helped us with our first blog.

It was a fun day!


Teacher’s have been very busy setting up rooms, organizing timetables and developing programs for the coming year.