Grade 2 3

grade 2 3

Children’s Week is for children to enjoy themselves.

Last week we were teacher’s for the week. We made a timetable of the things that we wanted to do because it was CHILDREN’S WEEK.

People chose sports, mathletics, free time, writing, science, a movie, art, fact files and recycling. It was fun being the teacher and doing the different activities.

When you are a teacher you have to think hard, do what you think is right and set things up. Being  teacher for the week was fun.

We had a Teddy Bear’s Picnic for library.

This week we cleaned out the shed for our recycling and we want to thank the mum and dad and the community member for helping.

We are doing ball skills in sport.

Our posters about our Asian countries are displayed on the windows.

Yesterday we  watched a play. There was a guy and  he made heeps of sounds and changed the sounds in his voice. He made lots of unexpected faces.Emma was in Cann River and saw it too.

Today we started our day with skipping. Three  people got up to 50 skips nonstop. Alannah came back to school.

This week we are doing recycling. We are going to do an interview with Jess about rubbish because she has worked in a business that had clean rubbish.

I had fun coming back to school. I missed my friends  in  Mallacoota. I have lots of  friends in grade 2/3.




Working hard to get things ready.

Working hard to get things ready.

Today was Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea.

We had to set up the tables and we did the tea and scones.

Lots of people came and we made $245.



On Tuesday it is the cross country.

Our teams are Gabo and Bastion. Gabo is red and Bastion is blue.

If we want we can dress up. The whole school is in it. Our class has been training.

IMG_0053 IMG_9045







The uneven bars

The uneven bars

The balance beam

The balance beam

On Monday morning 20th May we went to the hall for gymnastics and a man from

Pambula helped us set up the equipment for gymnastics. we had the balance beam, a circuit and the beat box. On the balance beam we had to walk along and jump off onto the big mat. On the bars we had to do a flip.We had three coaches help us as well.

When we finished we walked back to school.

Tomorrow it is the ‘Cross Country’.Our teams are Gabo and Bastion. If we want to we can dress up. It is a big race and the whole school is in it. Our class has been training.

by Jayde, Isaac and Serena








We made our names on the geo-boards

We made our names on the geo-boards

We used the geo- boards and made shapes and we made our names.

Grade three students have completed the NAPLAN. Grade two students learnt about the octopus garden with Mrs Broome.

We looked out our citrus trees and have decided they need some care.

We finished off our assignments on Australia and Victoria. They make a great display.


City scape from the Aquarium

City scape from the Aquarium


Thank you to all those parents and family members that joined us for a celebration of term 1 work.

Have a great break, Keep Safe!

Today is Friday it will be four days until we do our blog again. When we go on our camp we will still be doing our Blog. It will be fun on camp.

We did our book for our class camp.

We started our day with an assembly. At the end of the day we did dancing and our treasure hunt.

Log in next week to read all about our camp!


Due to technical difficulties beyond our control we have not been able to write our Blog.

We are learning how to do assignments.

We did DCT about materials and their properties. We played a game on the ‘smartboard’.

We had to build a spaceship using the WRONG materials so the alien couldn’t destroy the earth.

We did music and huff  ‘n’ puff today.

It is our second last day at school before the long weekend. We go on camp in 5 more days. We are very excited!!!!!

  • The power was out all day and it was very hot!
  • We continued our postcards.
  • We saw a gold coloured frog jump out of the water tank.
  • We got Tuesday’s fruit platter.
  • We missed huff and puff but we played a game inside.
  • We learnt why water is important for our bodies.
  • It was a fun day.
  • We had a different teacher again today and she will be here tomorrow too.