Today we began our new activities to build up our muscles in our fingers. They are called Fine Motor Activities. Mrs Fellows traffic lights showed us which activities were popular and which ones weren’t. The Maths Link was very challenging, we enjoyed the spiral snake and Speedy Fingers is lots of fun. We love the new Crazy Sand and playing with the water outside was a little challenging also.

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 7.11.39 PMScreen Shot 2015-03-12 at 7.08.05 PM


In Sport with Mrs Bruce we went in and out, up and down, over and under, below and beside on the play equipment. Poor Jayne was exhausted by lunch time.

During ICT we used Publisher to make a card for somebody. We had to practise making capital letters as well as changing the font, changing its colour as well as making the text bigger or smaller.

IMG_6341 IMG_6344 IMG_6345 IMG_6346

One of our classmates brought in her shell tree to show us. The leaves were made out of shells and so was the flower at the top of the tree. There was a rock at the bottom to hold and wire to hold the leaves and the flower to the rock.

We also had some visiting baby guinea pigs. Their names were Ginger and Snowy. Snowy was the grey one. The mum was worried that her babies would get hurt. They were all very noisy.

We worked with our Buddies. We read books together and we did some Art with them. We made some Me Clouds. They are clouds that have little strips that describe who we are. Inside the clouds are our names. They look great on our windows.

IMG_6353 IMG_6354 IMG_6355 IMG_6357 IMG_6358 IMG_6359 IMG_6360 IMG_6361 IMG_6362 IMG_6363 IMG_6364 IMG_6365 IMG_6366 IMG_6367

We played Magic Beans. Somebody gets to be it and they have to try to catch the beans. We can be broad beans, frozen beans, jelly beans, backward beans, magic beans, baked beans, walking beans and running beans. We played it in the undercover court.

IMG_6321_2Today we got to buy cupcakes and they had rainbows inside. The cupcakes were very yummy. Mrs Fellows even had a chocolate one. There were lots of chocolate cake.

A classmate brought in a baby grasshopper to show us. It hopped around lots and was as green as the mint leaves it was on.

We got to pat two Central Bearded Dragons that one of our classmates brought in with his mum. He has a Licence to keep them.

We are so excited in our classroom because our pet stick insects have finally laid some eggs. You don’t need a Licence to keep stick insects. They are very delicate.

It is two of our class members birthdays today. They are turning six.



Aquatic Surf Safety

Students from 7-10 at Mallacoota P-12 College participated in our annual four week Aquatic Safety program at the beginning of this term supported by the Mallacoota Surf Lifesaving club. Students used Bastion point as a venue this year and conditions weren’t always perfect, but the students took to the water like ducks. Student’s from Mr. Molan’s advance crew lead the way; teaching, coaching and instructing. Students were developing:

– Knowledge of hazards and dangers in an open surf environment
– Surf, protection and rescues skills
– An appreciation of our natural environment

All of the students who participated improved their skill and knowledge, did so with a fantastic attitude and should be commended. Programs such as this are unique to Mallacoota. We may not have a $2 million dollar heated indoor pool like some schools, but we have the priceless ocean; with its waves, tides, wind and ever changing moods.
Thanks to the Mallacoota Surf Lifesaving club for providing equipment and expertise, the Advance crew for leading, Nicole Migotto-Brown, Luke Molan, Cass McNamara and Jo Greetham for running the program.

– Simon Berry

Mallacoota 4-12 Swimming Article.

T’was a horrible day! Weather wise at least. But what fantastic, energetic and resilient students we are lucky to have.

On Monday the 9th of February students and staff crammed into the busses in the pouring rain and sang their way up to the Eden pool. Spirits were high with Gabo achieving 70/100 and Bastion 73/100 points for cheering.
The day started with the 25 meter races, which were packed full of contestants. The cheering was almost as loud as Mr. C’s starting pistol. The walking lane was a big hit with many students racking up the points for their houses. After the 25 meter events Gabo was leading by about 100 points. But during the lunch period a breakaway Bastion leadership group managed to organise human lettering spelling the word BASTION on the front hill for an arranged 100 points. Gabo countered by creating a human pyramid, which unfortunately fell down gaining only 25 points. It was close to even again.

The 50 meter races held fewer contestants, many drawn over to Pete and his fancy dress and hand stand contest. In the pool the serious swimmers had come out to play. The effort of the athletes and cheerers was supreme. Many records fell. In a stroke of brilliance (for the later staff/family V students relay) our senior bronze students were encouraged to swim their 800m pool time. At the end of the 50 meter races Gabo had once again pulled away by about 125 points. However the cheer brigade led by the Bastion house captains was in full swing dragging back some of the points.

The noodle race was a big hit with many primaries eagerly competing in this unique pool event. I am proud to announce that finally (after 4 years) the Staff/Family relay team held on for the big V. Once the counting was done, the day belonged to Gabo who scraped over the line 70 points in from of Bastion.

In reality the day really belonged to all the students, staff and families that participated. What could have been a horrible day was made memorable by the energy of all involved. I would like to take this opportunity to thank:
– ALL students who participated, ranging from swimmers, marshals, score keepers, Djs, announcers. Without you a day like this would not be possible.
– Families who made the journey down, it’s great to have such support.
– Kathy Scott and all the staff who assisted with the smooth running of the day.
– The Secondary and Primary House and School Captains: Alanna, Brodie, Steven, Kahli, Haydn, Jaidyn, Ras, Ashlee, Tegan, Natasha, Sarah

For Full colour photos please visit:

Simon Berry
Sports Coordinator

Nippers program 2014

For the third year Primary students from Mallacoota P-12 College participated in the Nippers program at Bastion Point hosted by the Mallacoota Surf Life Saving Club.

Primary students were led by the Secondary Advance crew, most now with Bronze Medallions. This year the older primaries embarked on an Intro to Bronze course with Kai Allison and Tom Reichelt (our new Junior Club Captain!). The rest of the primary students participated in safety/ocean awareness, competitive flags and surf skills. There was a huge improvement in all the skills and knowledge of the kids. It’s great to see their development over time.

A big thank you must go to the Mallacoota Surf Life Saving Club for putting on such a great event. Another big thankyou must go to the school for allowing the club access to nippers and facilitating the Bronze Medallion course (nationally recognised) in the Advance program (and Luke for running it). Thank you to Cassie McNamara, Kathy Scott and Luke Molan for arranging the Nippers program. Thanks to all the SLSC members and parents who assisted with the running of the day. The largest thanks must go to our Bronze stars. Tom M and Tyson (leaders of the day), Arrow, Kahli, Haydn, Brodie, Hannah, Bryce W-P and Max. These are exceptional young leaders in our community. Fantastic job!

– Simon Berry (VUS Coordinator / MSLSC Captain)

East Gippsland Mountain Biking Teams Championship

On the 26/11/2014 Mallacoota P-12 College hosted the 2nd East Gippsland Mountain Biking Team Championship. The year before Mallacoota won in all fields of this event, but this year there were more schools and that meant more competitors. The community learning project (CLP) group, Mr Berry and some handy year 10 and 11 students helped out on the day with the setup. At 11.00 am the schools started arriving at premier track. The excitement was palpable.

After the welcome and safety speech the under 15’s kicked the event off followed by the over 15’s. The race started with a slight uphill followed by a steep downhill with the ambulance to the left of the track to keep the race safe and SES truck at the turnaround point. The surf lifesaving polaris was on roving patrol. Competitors started slogging up the gigantic hill around the bend which slowed everyone down. One lap of the race was 3km the race went for two whole laps of the circuit which roughly took 25-45 minutes.

The winner of the under 15s was Tom Fisher and the over 15s winner was Liam Nichols both from Nagle.  The main team competition results were; Orbost came 5th with a time of 157.21, Swifts came 4th with a time of 156.17, Nagle came 3rd with a time of 155.26, Mallacoota came 2nd with a time of 140.4 and the winners Lakes Entrance with a time of 138.5. Congratulations to Lakes!

A huge thank you to the Mallacoota SES, Ambulance, surf lifesaving! It is fantastic to see what great events our little town can put on, completely supported by volunteers. Thanks also to all the teachers and competitors who drove down to our beautiful part of the world.

– Community Learning Project Team (Bryce P, Jacqueline H, Max G, Tom M, Tyson J)

For full colour photos go to the link below.

Real Men – Volunteer

This term as part of our Personal Development program the year 7/8 and 9/10 boys completed a real men program. In this program the boys (sorry…now men) discussed what it means to be a man, how our actions speak louder than words, and what responsibilities we have to our community.

The motto we continually reflected on was, “A man is a trustworthy and faithful companion who diligently guides himself, others and his family, contributes positively to society and uses his strength to protect others and to stand for justice. A man takes responsibility for his actions, and lives a life of principal and meaning.”

As a celebration the boys selected volunteering for their community. The group was split into two and half went down to Bastion Point to clean up rubbish and the other half went to the SES shed to clean the Trucks, trailers and shed. It was fantastic to see the boys complete this volunteering with such great spirit, energy and attitude.

Thanks very much to Graham and Peter from the SES for organising and assisting the boys at the shed. I would like to personally congratulate every single boy / now man for what they have achieved this term. It is one step on becoming the man you want to be. Well done men!

Photos of the event below.

-Simon Berry

IMG_4655 IMG_4658 IMG_4661 IMG_4662 IMG_4664 IMG_4665 IMG_4667 IMG_4670 IMG_4674 IMG_4676 IMG_4677 IMG_4678

Unfortunately, last week, Mrs Fellows had a lot of trouble posting photos and explanations about our last week so today’s post includes information for last week as well as our day today.

We began last week with a visit from the kinder kids. We got to make Little Brown Monkeys as well as play and show our future school members around.

In the afternoon we looked at Fibres and Fabrics. A Fibre is a lot of particles. When they are bound together they can become a thread such as string or wool. Fabric is made up from these threads being woven together or knitted to make material. Fibreglass is a type of fibre. Hessian is a type of fabric. When Terrie saw what we were doing she brought in her spinning wheel and let us all have a turn at spinning some real sheep’s wool. We then got out some spindles and try to use those. Some of us need a bit more practise, especially Mrs Fellows.

On Tuesday we went to the Remembrance Day service. It was great to be able to remember those that have fought for our country and represent the school down at the Memorial Garden. Mr Taylor gave us all a poppy to thank us for attending.



On Wednesday, Lorna from Responsible Pet Ownership came to visit with her dog. She told us important pieces of information about caring for our pets.

Today we went to see the new CFA shed. It is so big. We sat at the big table and had a very important meeting. We got to hop on one of the fire engines as well as wearing Captain Stuart Johnston’s helmet. Some us got to shoot a fire extinguisher as well. It was great fun.


  • With firetruckThe Meeting Room IMG_4906 IMG_4909 IMG_4910 IMG_4911 IMG_4913 IMG_4918 IMG_4923 IMG_4924 IMG_4930 IMG_4931 IMG_4933 IMG_4936 IMG_4937 IMG_4939