Due to technical difficulties beyond our control we have not been able to write our Blog.

We are learning how to do assignments.

We did DCT about materials and their properties. We played a game on the ‘smartboard’.

We had to build a spaceship using the WRONG materials so the alien couldn’t destroy the earth.

We did music and huff  ‘n’ puff today.

It is our second last day at school before the long weekend. We go on camp in 5 more days. We are very excited!!!!!

  • The power was out all day and it was very hot!
  • We continued our postcards.
  • We saw a gold coloured frog jump out of the water tank.
  • We got Tuesday’s fruit platter.
  • We missed huff and puff but we played a game inside.
  • We learnt why water is important for our bodies.
  • It was a fun day.
  • We had a different teacher again today and she will be here tomorrow too.


Today Heath brought in a turtle.He brought it in for Show and Tell. His mum found it on the road yesterday. The turtle was very scared. Its head and feet weren’t out. The turtle was only small. It is a reptile.

We worked with the numbers 1,2, 3 and 4. We drew pictures for a counting book.

We were introduced to Tapping Tessa who makes the sound ‘t’. Tobin, Taylor, table, tap, teddy, teacher, tack, tree, turtle and tomato all start with ‘t’.

We keep trying to play like Gabby Get Along and play nicely with each other.

Today we had a different teacher.

  • 2 students ran huff and puff.
  • We learned about the differences between living and non living things.
  • We did money maths.
  • We read I’m an Australian big book.

Today we wrote in our ‘reflection and goals book.

We are doing treasure hunts each Friday. This weeks treasure hunt was ‘Writing is thinking’.

Today we gave our maps to different people and they had to work out our grid references.

We had to move like a bubble and we learnt the dance ‘the hokey pokey’.

Today we had a visitor from Parks Victoria give us a talk about Marine National Parks. We learnt that there are three types of seaweed and they are classified by color. Green, Brown and  Red.

Sponge comes in all shapes and sizes.

We saw some sea snail shells. You can tell the difference between the carnivorous and vegetarian snails. The  ’round salad bowl’ opening is for the vegetarian snails and the ‘gravy boat’ shaped openings are carnivorous.

Limpids have a strong foot at the bottom and they always come back to the same place. They leave a track and smell it to find the way back. They keep a bubble of water in their shell so they don’t dry out.

No animal likes to eat the elephant snail. They are  noctornal and they don’t like light.

Cuttle fish are a close relative to squid and they release a black ink also.

We had a rockpool ramble at Bastion and we learnt lots of new things from the marine ranger.

Checkout some of our photo’s in tomorrows blog.



Today we did a fun game in ‘huff and puff’. It was a ball game.

Our ‘BIG’ book was about Zoo’s past and present by Graham Meadows.

We did new writing called ‘persuasive writing’. We had to write a persuasive piece about, ‘Should We Have Zoo’s?’. Nearly everyone agreed that we should have zoo’s. One class member wrote, “We should have zoo’s because they are fun. Zoo’s breed animals and we should have zoo’s to save animals.”

We did ICT and had to find out information about Victoria.

Thank you to our class helper today.

See you at the School Community Barbeque tonight.

Today Andrea brought in her special teddy’s blanket for Show and Tell.

In DCT we were finding hinges and we made our own with sticky tape.

We met Andy Apple who always has an apple on top of his hat with the letter a. Some things that start with a are apple, Alice, Andrea, Abby, arrow, alligator, ant and astronaut.

In Music with Mrs Broome we played ti ti ta, ti ti ta on the instruments.

Last Friday morning saw students from years 4-12 pile into buses dressed in their team colours of red (Gabo) or blue(Bastion)  to travel to Eden and participate in the annual Mallacoota P-12 College swimming carnival.


They day commenced with 25 metre races, then on to the 50 metre races throughout the day, which saw many eager participants qualify for the district inter-school levels, which will be held in Orbost over the next couple of weeks.



As the day progressed there were participants of all ages getting involved in one way or another. Whether it be competing in a race, going in the walking lane to gain some extra points for their team or waiting for the novelty events at the end of the day, everyone showed the team spirit and made the day enjoyable for all and a great success.


The traditional student – teacher race at the end of the day proved to be too much for the teachers, who were pipped at the post due to the students’ obvious skill, stamina and age advantage.


When the results were tallied up at the end of the day, there was a history making moment with only one point separating the two teams of Gabo and Bastion. Gabo took out the victory as the winners of the Mallacoota P-12 swimming sports for the first time in years!


The day couldn’t have happened without the teachers and helpers who organised this event and put so much effort into making it a great day. Thanks to all for coming along and contributing to the day!

Chloe Scott


I would like to thank all the parents and staff who supported the day. It was a fantastic event. Lastly but most of all, thank you very much to the Sport Captains  Chloe, Jess, Jaz and Las and the School Captain; Meg for their fantastic leadership and hard work through out the day.

Simon Berry


‘Dead ants’ was the game we started the day with.

We made a map of a zoo and looked at other zoo’s on the internet.

We chose names for our book groups.

We finished Penny Pollards Diary. Mrs Bettany said she didn’t have anything to give Penny but Penny got a true friend in Mrs Bettany.

We were discussing what rooms we will be in.