Mallacoota P-12 College students were extremely excited to have a visit from Ian Rossborough and his assistant from Cricket Victoria. Ian is a coaching specialist who teachers cricket (specifically super 8’s) in Victorian Schools in a fun and competitive environment. Ian took the primary students for an hour and took our senior students for 2 hours. The students enjoyed themselves immensely. The students were fantastic and energetic, so much so, that Ian has arranged to come back in term four this year.

Last year we send a Boys and Girls Super 8’s team to Bairnsdale and Sale, those students had a fantastic time and learnt some great skills. This year we were hoping to send our Sec students to a tournament term one, unfortunately this was cancelled due to student participation rates. Another tournament will be held in term four, hopefully we will get some takers this time.

See below for some fantastic photos.

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A class mate brought in a robot and it shoots discs out it’s mouth. It had lots of bright lights on it.

We did a treasure hunt and played our zoo game.

We learnt about dice rolling techniques eg. down the slide, spider trap, in the bear cave, soccer goal

Snakes and alligators and peacocks are hanging in our room: a for alligator, s for snake and p for peacock.

Today is Friday it will be four days until we do our blog again. When we go on our camp we will still be doing our Blog. It will be fun on camp.

We did our book for our class camp.

We started our day with an assembly. At the end of the day we did dancing and our treasure hunt.

Log in next week to read all about our camp!


Due to technical difficulties beyond our control we have not been able to write our Blog.

We are learning how to do assignments.

We did DCT about materials and their properties. We played a game on the ‘smartboard’.

We had to build a spaceship using the WRONG materials so the alien couldn’t destroy the earth.

We did music and huff  ‘n’ puff today.

It is our second last day at school before the long weekend. We go on camp in 5 more days. We are very excited!!!!!

  • The power was out all day and it was very hot!
  • We continued our postcards.
  • We saw a gold coloured frog jump out of the water tank.
  • We got Tuesday’s fruit platter.
  • We missed huff and puff but we played a game inside.
  • We learnt why water is important for our bodies.
  • It was a fun day.
  • We had a different teacher again today and she will be here tomorrow too.


Today Heath brought in a turtle.He brought it in for Show and Tell. His mum found it on the road yesterday. The turtle was very scared. Its head and feet weren’t out. The turtle was only small. It is a reptile.

We worked with the numbers 1,2, 3 and 4. We drew pictures for a counting book.

We were introduced to Tapping Tessa who makes the sound ‘t’. Tobin, Taylor, table, tap, teddy, teacher, tack, tree, turtle and tomato all start with ‘t’.

We keep trying to play like Gabby Get Along and play nicely with each other.

Today we had a different teacher.

  • 2 students ran huff and puff.
  • We learned about the differences between living and non living things.
  • We did money maths.
  • We read I’m an Australian big book.

Today we wrote in our ‘reflection and goals book.

We are doing treasure hunts each Friday. This weeks treasure hunt was ‘Writing is thinking’.

Today we gave our maps to different people and they had to work out our grid references.

We had to move like a bubble and we learnt the dance ‘the hokey pokey’.

Today we had a visitor from Parks Victoria give us a talk about Marine National Parks. We learnt that there are three types of seaweed and they are classified by color. Green, Brown and  Red.

Sponge comes in all shapes and sizes.

We saw some sea snail shells. You can tell the difference between the carnivorous and vegetarian snails. The  ’round salad bowl’ opening is for the vegetarian snails and the ‘gravy boat’ shaped openings are carnivorous.

Limpids have a strong foot at the bottom and they always come back to the same place. They leave a track and smell it to find the way back. They keep a bubble of water in their shell so they don’t dry out.

No animal likes to eat the elephant snail. They are  noctornal and they don’t like light.

Cuttle fish are a close relative to squid and they release a black ink also.

We had a rockpool ramble at Bastion and we learnt lots of new things from the marine ranger.

Checkout some of our photo’s in tomorrows blog.