VCE/ VET: Our timetable will run as usual this term starting from tomorrow Wednesday. Students will log on to each Google Classroom at the appropriate time each day. Work will be submitted through Google Classroom and regular feedback will be provided.

VCAL Will have a blend of Hardcopy and Google Classroom and Practical Delivery.

 Middle Years 5-10: Packs of Hardcopy work will be available for collection from the front of the school by 9am tomorrow; this work may also be made available via Google Classroom.

Students are encouraged to complete their work for each subject at the timetabled time and contact their teacher in that time window by Google Classroom, email or phone if they have any questions or are seeking clarification in preparation for next week. Packs will be available for collection and drop off on Friday afternoons and Monday mornings. Laptops will be made available to primary students, and for those who require computers shortly. Please standby.

Year specific Timetables will be available tomorrow online and within the student packs.

Students who do not have internet connection or suitable devices at home are encouraged to contact our School Office on 51580254 24hours beforehand. They can then attend, coming in through the front office, registering and having their learning delivered Virtually in Room 7 supervised by a staff member.

Early Years Prep-4: Packs of hard copy work will be available for collection from the front of the school tomorrow Wednesday morning at 9am. We will trial a system where pickup and drop off under the Principals window will be available to parents PM on a Friday and AM on the following Monday. Staff will have packs ready by 12.30pm on a Friday.

Teachers are available to answer questions via Webex, email, phone and Google Classroom. In preparation for next week, packs will be available for collection and drop off on Friday afternoon and Monday morning. Laptops will be made available to primary students shortly. Decodable readers will be available. Perhaps one for this week and a couple for next week.

Home Groups: Each Home Group now has their usual teacher and an Education Support Officer to support The Homegroup. One of the tasks will be to contact families on the progress and the successes and challenges.

Our Library will be open and return boxes available

As advised by DET and The Department of Health things may change, we will keep you informed, we are here to support you. Please feel free to contact the school with any queries or questions. Please contact staff during their work days and school hours, refer to the timetable.

Please remember that Parents, Students and Staff can contact me any time on 51580254 or my Mobile 0407 524902 or via my email address

Tim Cashmore