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Cow in the crush.

Cow in the crush.


Patting a cow.


Horses on the hill.


Look closely and you might see a platypus in the distance.


Running down the hill.


The Prep/Ones visited the Joiner farm in Genoa on the 7th May, 2013. This was as a part of our Science theme of Living and Non Living things. Thank you so much to Darren and Tracey for showing us around. Highlights of our day were seeing the baby calves, patting the horses and being weighed in the crush. We were all extremely excited to see, from a distance, the ripples of a platypus in the dam. We also saw an azure kingfisher sitting on a branch. Thank you also to Cate Tregellas for joining us.

Today we went for a walk in the  rain looking for signs and talking about Road Safety.

Rosie brought a  beautiful rag rug in for Show and Tell. Edward brought his cute little echidna which he cuddles at night.

We used the computer and practised making colourful names with capital letters.

Tomorrow is Ride to School day. We can meet other people and ride to school together.

It has been so long since our last post. A lot has been happening. On Monday we had some special visitors with Roxy the Ferret and Theodore and her baby guinea pigs. Today we had some cute little dolls from Asia that just did not want to lie down.

The Grade 1s worked on their little houses today. They had to use their previous knowledge of working with and making hinges to design a tissue box house that will pass a Huff and Puff test.

Tomorrow will be going for a short Road Safety walk around the school block looking for signs and practising crossing the road.

A class mate brought in a robot and it shoots discs out it’s mouth. It had lots of bright lights on it.

We did a treasure hunt and played our zoo game.

We learnt about dice rolling techniques eg. down the slide, spider trap, in the bear cave, soccer goal

Snakes and alligators and peacocks are hanging in our room: a for alligator, s for snake and p for peacock.


Today Heath brought in a turtle.He brought it in for Show and Tell. His mum found it on the road yesterday. The turtle was very scared. Its head and feet weren’t out. The turtle was only small. It is a reptile.

We worked with the numbers 1,2, 3 and 4. We drew pictures for a counting book.

We were introduced to Tapping Tessa who makes the sound ‘t’. Tobin, Taylor, table, tap, teddy, teacher, tack, tree, turtle and tomato all start with ‘t’.

We keep trying to play like Gabby Get Along and play nicely with each other.

Today Andrea brought in her special teddy’s blanket for Show and Tell.

In DCT we were finding hinges and we made our own with sticky tape.

We met Andy Apple who always has an apple on top of his hat with the letter a. Some things that start with a are apple, Alice, Andrea, Abby, arrow, alligator, ant and astronaut.

In Music with Mrs Broome we played ti ti ta, ti ti ta on the instruments.

Today we went to Library and made little people after reading My Best Friend Bob.

The Preps stayed for lunch today. It was great having them here for longer.

For Show and Tell Taylor brought in her Tyranosaurus Rex to show us. He was so cute and he roared just like a real dinosaur. His name was Rex.

This afternoon in Science we created the front of our Science Books. Next week we will be talking about the 5 senses. I wonder what they are?

We were introduced to Sammy Snake and the letter s that makes an ssssssss sound.

We worked with our buddies today and we did measuring.

It was a P-6 assembly today and it was the Preps first time at an assembly.

‘Gabby Get Along’ was introduced to us. She will teach us about getting along and being a good friend.

In the afternoon the Grade Ones used bubbles and balloons in dance. They moved like a bubble and popped!

In our class we have been singing lots of songs. Some of our favourites are “Down By The Banks Of The Hanky Pank”, “Knicky Knacky Knocky Noo” and “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes”.

We have been practising Bamboozled Writing and Mrs Fellows sprinkled us with Magic Writing Dust.

Today Bridie brought in a giant cucumber that her Grandad grew.

Stacey and Piggy from Bendigo Bank came to visit and gave us all a cuddle.