Physical Education

physical education

Another year, another championship.

The Gabo vs Bastion championships dates back to 2012, over 2 years ago!!! The purpose is for students to be active, belong to a team, and have fun.

Students compete in our carnivals (Swimming, Cross Country, Athletics), home group challenges and Thursday lunch sports for the ultimate prize. The current ladder is below.

Event Gabo Gabo Total Bastion Bastion Total

Term 1

Touch Rugby 25 25 25 25
Swimming Carnival 1041 1066 832 857
Home group – Winter Olympics 37.5 1103.5 62.5 919.5
Volleyball 0 1103.5 50 969.5
Number soccer 0 1103.5 50 1019.5
Ultimate Frisbee 50 1153.5 0 1019.5
Mex v Tex 0 1153.5 50 1069.5
Lacrosse 50 1203.5 50 1119.5
Soccer 0 1203.5 50 1169.5
Mallacoota Fun run 1000 2203.5 450 1603.5

Gabo are currently leading by 600 points. Can Bastion come back??? Only time will tell.

– Mr Berry

Active April – Starts today

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On Wednesday the 25th, six of Mallacoota P-12 College’s finest secondary swimmers; Arrow and Archie Embleton-Mew, Noah Mounsey-Castellanos, Brodie Scott, Chelsea Watts-Parker, and Kahli Migotto-Brown travelled to the Zone Secondary Swimming sports at the Orbost Swimming pool accompanied by the amazing Julie Parker and Mr. Berry.

First up was Brodie in the 200m freestuly, placing second. Next was Noah in the 200m freestyle, followed by Kahli in the 50 meter breaststroke placing an excellent 3rd.  Archie was next in the 50m breaststroke placing 3rd, Arrow was in the same event finishing 4th. Last but not least was Chelsea in breaststroke.

There were heaps of other events that weren’t listed, everyone did an excellent job in participating. It was a great day and I’m pretty positive everyone had a great time.

– Kahli, Brodie, Arrow, Archie, Noah and Chelsea.

The students did a fantastic job. They were put outside their comfort zones and had a great time experience something different. Photos below!

Over 70 students participated in the annual Mallacoota P-12 Swimming Carnival. It was all on the line, Gabo vs Bastion, the two titans of our town would go to battle. Gabo took the honours last year but Bastion had a point to prove.

The day started with a very enjoyable drive through some fantastic forests to the Eden Pool. As soon as setup was complete the 25 meter races began. These were a tough fought contest with the Primaries nearly deafening Mr. Cashmore and Mr. Berry with their chanting. It looked like Gabo had more participants (and points) but Bastion were racing ahead in bonus supporting points. While the 25 meter races were on a walking lane was open and packed to the brim, one point per lap. Students who were not the most competent swimmers were contributing to the points for their house.

After a fashion parade, in which Bastion took the honours, the 50 meter events began. These were taken more seriously as seen by the gleam in the eye of the competitors. A number of students completed in every 50 meter event. Well done!  Once again it seemed Gabo had more participants, however Lucy (Bastion house captain) marshalled her troops and was awarded a number of cheering points. While the 50 meter races were on a dance off too place in the junior pool. Thanks to Tom R (Gabo house captain) for arranging such great tunes. Once again Bastion participation in non-tradition events was high.

The day finished off with a primary noodle race. Some noodles had four different swimmers on them, team work was on show. I am loathed to say that the students won the Staff vs Bastion vs Gabo. Gabo won by about half a pool, and Bastion came in last, but with only 4 people compared to 8 were awarded maximum points for gutsing it out.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the parents who drove all the way to Eden to support their children and the school. It was great to see so many new faces. Thank you to all the staff and students who assisted with the running of the day. Thank you to the Eden pool. Thanks to Kathy Scott for arranging the day. Thanks to Tony for driving us down. The last thank you is for the House Captains. Lucy was inspirational (awesome Job Luci!), Leanna was a fantastic step-in, Tom’s music really brought a sense of fun to the day, and Amy’s encouragement made a difference to a number of students. Thanks team!

Photos below. Enjoy.

– Simon Berry

On Tuesday the 3rd of December Surfing Victoria brought down their coaching staff including Rebecca Woods (on the WSP tour), Jess Laing and India Payne for a girls surfing day at Bastion Point.

Girls from Mallacoota P-12 college attended as well as students from Eden and Bega high School. It was a fantastic day with students developing their ocean awareness and surfing skills. See below for photos

Thank you to Surfing Victoria for continuing to bring this event to Mallacoota. We appreciate a professional body travelling this far to give our students such a fantastic experience.

A report has been posted on VicSurfing:

Surfing Victoria has also posted some footage on their youtube account. 

The first East Gippsland school team mountain biking championship was held on Tuesday the 26th of November in the Sate Forest and National park on Premier track. 

22 eager and excited adventurers from Mallacoota P-12 college, Cann River P-12 college and Orbost Secondary College lined up to grab the glory. They were facing a two lap six kilometre course that consisted of sand based track, holes, sticks, huge climbs and speedy downhill sections.

It was a team format with Mallacoota and Cann River joining forces (10 students) competing against Orbost (12 students), in a top 10 time team total. Students participated in an extensive safety briefing and had each other’s health as a priority. The students pushed themselves and all were rewarded with 100% finishing the challenging and demanding track. They should all be extremely proud of themselves. Photos of the entertaining event will appear below.

Under 15 best time Mitch Fenner (Orbost Secondary College) with 26 minutes and 36 seconds.

Over 15 best time Mark Hooper (Mallacoota P-12 College) with 25 minutes and 47 seconds.

Orbost Secondary team time. 344 minutes and 17 seconds.

Mallacoota/Cann River P-12 team time 310 minutes and 47 seconds. 

Arranging an event like this is extremely challenging, I am extremely lucky to live in such a supportive community. Thanks must go to Jesse Nation from Parks Victoria who assisted with the extremely tricky area of permits. Thanks to Andrew Hammond From DEPI who expedite the permit. Thanks to Terry and Ambulance Officers for joining us on the day and giving us peace of mind! Thank you to Luke Molan and the Mallacoota SES for equipment and expertise. Thank you to Darren Fellows and the Mallacoota Surf Life Saving Club for assistance with setting up of the track. Thank you to school leadership supporting us and allowing an event as exciting as this to run. 

Finally thank you to the students who supported the event, had a blast, and really pushed their owners personal boundaries. Special thank you to Orbost SC and Cann River p-12 who drove to Mallacoota (we loved not having to drive anywhere!)

Thanks to Marc and Jaidyn for developing this footage from the GoPro Tom was wearing.


Simon Berry

The school would like to introduce the 2014 senior leaders. We would like to congratulate these students on being chosen by their peers to be leaders in 2014.

School Captain elect: Marc Sammut

Gabo House Captains: Amy Preston and Thomas Reichelt

Bastion House Captains: Steven Clarke and Lucy Warren (absent)

You will all have the ability to have a positive influence on our school community. Good luck!!!!

****The House Captains are sporting our new jerseys! Don’t they look smashing. 

School and House Captains

A huge thank you to the Mallacoota Surf Life Saving club and our instructors Luke and Simon.