Physical Education

physical education

On Tuesday the 12th of August Mallacoota P-12 College held their annual Athletics Carnival. Even though the weather was going through an Arctic blast we were very lucky to have a sunny, but chilly day. Students were dressed in their finest Gabo and Bastion ‘feel good’ clothing. This year the athletics was merged with our ‘feel good’ days organised by our fantastic school nurse Helen. Points were awarded for healthy eating, drinking water, and supporting each other.

The secondary students moved straight to field events to see how far they could throw various things like discus, shot-put, javelin’s, and their bodies as far/high as possible. The event officially started with Mallacoota primary students welcoming Cann River and Noorinbee primary schools.

The Primary students attacked the 100m with vigour. You could not question the determination of any of our students putting in their best times, despite the fact that social running (looking where the others were/running into others lanes) seemed to increase as we moved to the lower age levels. After the 100 the Prep-Twos headed to tabloid games and the rest went to field events.

Most of the secondaries completed in the 100m, and bragging rights were on the line. The secondaries did a fantastic job of managing themselves and entering as many field events as possible. The running finished off with the 200m and the 400m, with many students pushing their limits.

The day finished off with our celebration games. The wheelbarrow and 3 legged race were the biggest fields of the day and were supported by Bastion and Gabo cheer squads. The fashions on the field was again pushing the limits of Milan fashion design. Great work students! Bastion won the Staff V Bastion V Gabo relay. A teacher took out the open to all 100m race (while nearly pulling his hamstring).

A big thank you must go out to the Parents and Staff who assisted and with the running of the day. Thanks to the parent supporters who came down, I believe every year the crowd is getting larger every year. Thanks to Don Ashby who set up a fantastic stage and speaker system. Thanks for Cann and Noorinbee primary schools for making the journey. Thank you to all the students who assisted the running of the event, without you it wouldn’t be possible. Lastly thank you to Kathy (and her apprentice Marty) and the House Captains for setting up and running the day.

– Simon Berry and Kathy Scott


On Tuesday the 17th of June, Haydn, Brodie, Hannah, Jaqueline, Luci, Envy, Emma, Belle and Trudy along with the boys that played soccer and Mr Berry travelled down to Bairnsdale to play netball against girls from other schools. Our first game was against Nagle and we lost 47–3. Our second game was against Bairnsdale secondary college and we lost 42-0. Regardless of the end scores, it was a good experience for all of us to play a sport that we don’t play very often, it was also good to meet and socialise with girls from other schools. Thank you to Mr Berry and Trudy for organising and taking us down there.

By Luci

Student report to come.

Once again Mallacoota P-12 College had a number of students qualify for the Gippsland Cross Country. The event was held again at Lardner Park (outside Warragul) and the weather was pretty good (e.g. NOT raining/snowing, but still freezing) for once. The dedicated athletes: Brodie Scott, Harry Preston, Jordie Halley, Josh Corton, and Koini Corton along with Karen Corten and Simon Berry left after school on Wednesday the 18th of June. The students were in good spirits in the bus ride up and agreed to Carbo load at Noodle Box in Bairnsdale. The troop arrived at Simon’s parents farm at 9.30pm with Jordie, Josh and Harry claiming they were getting up at 2am for the Australia world cup game…apparently the alarms didn’t go off.

The students woke at various times (some as late as 8am) and were inspired by watching some world cup games. The team arrived at Lardner Park at 10.15am ready for Kioni’s race. Boy did the young ones start quick…at a sprint. Kioni came in a very respectable 21st with a time of 9.35.29 over 2 kms. Josh and Jordie were up next, and the start was a little more reasonable for a 3km race. Josh came in 46th with 12.37.37 and Jordie came in 26th with 11.07.97. Next was Harry who placed only 2 positions outside State qualification coming in 14th with 10.25.39 over 3 kms. Our last team member was Brodie Scott. Having qualified for states last year (with a 6th) she was quite nervous before the race. Brodie came in 3rd with 11.35.25. A fantastic run.

All of these students did fantastically, especially considering that there are thousands of students in their age groups in Gippsland. Great work all. Big thanks to Karen Corton who supported the team and Simon. For full colour photos see below!

For the past 5 weeks students from Mallacoota P-12 College have been hosted by the Mallacoota Bowls Club and its members. Students have been learning about bias, grass, length and the nuances of the game. Students have come a long way with most able to bring the ball at least 1 meter from the kitty. They have really enjoyed the short, sharp sessions. Students finished the 5 weeks with a round robin tournament and a sausage sizzle (thanks Christian). The competition was fierce, it will conclude this week. Who will the victors be?

Big thanks to the Mallacoota Bowls Club and its members who helped our students develop skills and appreciation for this lifelong sport. Thanks specifically to Brian, Ernie, Graeme, Christian, and all the other members who helped our students develop.

For colour photos see below.

– Simon Berry

For the past 5 weeks students from Mallacoota P-12 College have been hosted by the Mallacoota Golf Club and its members. Students have received a fantastic introduction to golf, developing ‘the swing’, chipping and putting. Students concluded the 5 week program with a 4 hole Ambrose tournament. A great result as all students in class contributed at least a shot each to their teams. A number of students seem keen to carry on their golfing journey. Good Luck on finding your swing.

Big thanks to the Mallacoota Golf Club and their members, specifically;

  • to Carol who is always willing to help,
  • to Lee Ly with his fantastic coaching,
  • to Jackie with her positive attitude,
  • to Tim who put aside his huge workload to help the students develop a passion for the game.

For colour photos see below.

– Simon Berry

East Gippsland Secondary Cross Country

On the 26th of May Bryce Watts-Parker, Josh Corton, Harry Preston, Jordan Halley and Brodie Scott all travelled to Lakes Entrance for the zone East Gippsland Cross country.

We left Mallacoota at 7.30am to arrive in Lakes for briefing at 10.00am, and then begin the races. Bryce was first up competing against the 16 year old boys and running an impressive 5kms placing in the top 10. Next was Brodie placing 2nd in the 16 girls 3km race. Harry was up next against the 14 year old boys placing in the top 20. Last but not least, Jordy and Josh were up against each other in the 13 boys. Jordy placed 6th and Josh 11th.

Overall it was a great day, everyone represented the school by wearing our new sports tops which stood out from the crowd. We were rewarded with a special lunch (KFC) afterwards then travelled back home.

Great Job everybody.

– Brodie Scott

Mallacoota P-12 College 2014 Cross Country

Another year and a new track. On Thursday the 22nd of May all students from Prep – 12 tackled a new, dare I say it, improved Cross Country track. The weather was perfect for the event and students fully embraced their houses by dressing up.

The track this year was around the back end Caravan Park before heading into the bush near the cut off stump, running to Bastion Point and back, around Mortimers Paddock, past the log cabins, through the bush, over a mighty river, for an inspirational finish across the oval to the goals.

The events ran were:

  • 5km race for the 16, 17, and open boys
  • 3km race for the 11-open girls and 11-15 boys
  • 2km race for the 8-10 boys and girls
  • 1km race for the 6-8 boys and girls
  • 500m race for the preps

Students sprinted, jogged, or walked in high spirits. It was great to have such a fun and positive atmosphere, hopefully encouraging lifelong physical activity. The winners on the day were every student who participated and helped out. Students finished the event with fashions on the field, with one young man dressing in full star trooper gear. Very cool.

House results were close. Gabo – 163 Bastion – 138. Only 27 points split the teams. Gabo also won the fashions on the field, extending their lead. For the race results and awesome colour photos see below.

Thank you to the East Gippsland Shire Caravan Park for allowing us use of the back end of their park. Massive thanks to all the families and friends we had supporting the students. Thanks to all the teacher and student volunteers who made the running of this event possible. Lastly but defiantly not least, thank you to the students. Your positivity was fantastic.

– Simon Berry and Kathy Scott

500 Under 5 Boys Finn-G
500 Under 5 Girls Kyra-G
1km Under 6 Boys Tobin-G 5.38
1km Under 6 Girls NRR NRR
1km Under 7 Boys Hugo-B 4.45
1km Under 7 Girls Aya-B 4.50
1km Under 8 Boys Ruben-B 4.26
1km Under 8 Girls Rose-B 5.10
2km Under 9 Boys Zy-B 8.46
2km Under 9 Girls Hope-G 10.24
2km Under 10 Boys Taj-B 8.46
2km Under 10 Girls Kioni-G 9.00
3km Under 11 Boys Rasselas- G 11.00
3km Under 11 Girls Isy-B 15.15
3km Under 12/13 Boys Rene-G 11.45
3km Under 12/13 Girls Jorja- G 12.20
3km Under 13 Boys Jordy, Noah- B 11.05
3km Under 13 Girls Taylor-B 14.10
3km Under 14 Boys Harry- G 9.50
3km Under 14 Girls NRR NRR
3km Under 15 Boys Tom M- B 10.10
3km Under 15 Girls NRR NRR
5km Under 16 Boys Bryce WP-G 22.50
3km Under 16 Girls Brodie- G 11.22
5km Under 17 Boys Steven-B 23.29
3km Under 17 Girls Alanna- G 12.09
5km Open Boys NRR NRR
3km Open Girls Amy-G 12.36

Victorian Teams School State Surfing Titles – 2014 Woolamai, Phillip Island

Students from Mallacoota P-12 College “Surf Team” began their search on Thursday the 8th at 3.30pm. Tom Reichelt, Alanna Bryan, Steven Clarke, Jack Garland, Brodie Scott, Noah Mounsey-Castellanos, coach Jade Nolan, and Simon Berry and all boarded the bus with high spirits. The team arrived at the Berry farm in Warragul at 9.30pm and discussion was already focusing on a dawn patrol at Woolamai. Students sent themselves to sleep by 10.30pm – a record on a school excursion I believe.

Jack and Tom were the first up at 5.30pm and the team had left the farm by 6.15am. Excitement in the bus was palpable. Forecasts for the swell weren’t great, but with a pushing tide and potentially glassy conditions everyone was keen. A beautiful sun rise greeted the team when Phillip Island was in sight. Within seconds of the bus stopping, all were on top of the lookout. The view was fantastic. 1-2ft glassy conditions, with around 5 a-frame peaks. One was free so the crew jumped into their gear and ran out. The morning surf was fantastic, with the team getting an hour’s practice before the comp was set up. This was the sort of schooling that makes Mallacoota unique.

The competition began with quite challenging conditions, the tide was dropping quickly and pulling some of the wave power and size with it. Mallacoota had to contend with Sandringham and Surfcoast college. The top two would go through to the final. The team battled really well at after a double point ride from Brodie and two waves from the rest of the team bet Sandringham by 1.5 points to go through. Competing in the final against Wonthaggi (who have 2 surfers top in the state and one 2nd in the world), Lorne, and the Surfcoast was going to be educating. The students took the huge challenge in their stride and came in 4th place. Students were awarded a medallion, and a lot of praise by Max (Head of Surfing Victoria), for making the final with such a small pool of students to draw from.

On the way out a trip to a surf shop was a must. The team stopped at Islantis and were mistaken for another school and given one of the first tours of “The Islantis Surf Experience” – a museum dedicated to Australian surfing. They got to ring the Bells bell (without the ringer) and view the exploits (and actual surfboards) of Australians Midget Farrelly, Mark Richards, Tom Carroll, Mark Occhilupo and Layne Beachley. The team then entered the 360 multimedia surf room (an audio and video experience).

Students were a little more subdued on the way home. The bus made it in by 10.30pm. The team atmosphere was still alive with each person being assisted with their bags and boards by Steve, Jack and Tom. Tired….but excited whispers of morning surf planned were heard.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the parents for the support of their children, the school and our surfing culture. A big thanks to Jade for her effort, she provided great coaching and role modelling for our students. Thank you to school leadership for continuing to support this unique Mallacoota experience. I would like to thank and congratulate our students, for putting themselves outside of their comfort zone, growing as individuals and hopefully developing a lifelong physical activity.

Quotes from the Team:
 Brodie: My favourite thing about the surf trip was being able to surf a new break.
 Jack: My favourite part was the free surf in the morning.
 Noah: My favourite this was being able to surf a new break.
 Tom: The morning surf was really run and good to hit a surf break different from ours. The morning sure tired me out before my heat.
 Steve and Alanna (not available for comment): We loved it (editors discretion)

A huge thanks to our local sponsor’s. Without your support this event would not be possible.
• Mallacoota IGA
• Mallacoota Surf Shack
• Wilderness Coast Seafood’s
• Mallacoota Pharmacy
• Serenity Massage Hair & Beauty
• AFCOL – Fisherman’s cooperative of Mallacoota
• East Gippsland caravan park

All sponsors and families are invited to a thank you Pizza night on Thursday the 29th of May at 5.30pm at Mallacoota P-12 College.

Simon Berry
On behalf of – Mallacoota’s Surf Team