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IMG_3967 Janaina missing

This week we were lucky to have the kind donation of a school scarecrow. She even comes with a back pack and school uniform. Marilyn Allan made the scarecrow especially for our school garden which is getting lots of tender loving care from the Grade 2/3s. Gardening is also going to be a focus of one of our Friday afternoon club activities. We have named her Ella Daphne Stinging Nettle, Queen of the Plants.

We also got to say goodbye and wish the Year 12s Good Luck for their last days of school as well as their exams. We presented them with very special gift bags that contained many treasurable gifts. These included letters of congratulations and well wishes, very special study glasses, bubble blowers (because they are just still little kids at heart), medals and trophies for surviving 13 years of school, finger tattoos and a few other bits and pieces. Congratulations Tom, Leanna, Amy, Mark and Patric and best wishes for the years ahead.


Animals Everywhere

Today we spent a little bit of time of trying to sort a large number of animal pictures. Some of the categories that we used to sort our animals were:

Farm Animals, Desert Animals, Reptiles, Rainforest Animals, Amphibians, Flying Animals, Ground Animals, Australian Animals, Ocean Animals, just to name a few.  We then talked about the animals that help us. We had some great suggestions. For example, birds help us to know that snakes are close by because they squawk and make quite a ruckus. Snakes help us by providing anti-venom for when they actually bite us. Worms help us by providing us with compost. Bees help us by providing honey and pollenating our plants. Horses, cows and camels also help by carting things or supplying us with things such as milk and fibres.

In Maths, we looked at the 100s chart. Mrs Fellows hid numbers and we had to work out which ones she had hidden. But we were way too clever. She didn’t trick us.

Try this link if you would like to play around more with the 100s chart at home.



We went to see the new baby guinea pigs in the Grade 2/3 classroom. They were only hours old. There were three babies and one mum. The babies were two boys and one girl.

We have been looking at Good Fires and Bad Fires and did you know that every household should have a plan of their escape routes. If it is not an emergency you do not call 000 because you could be blocking the line for another real emergency.

Today we counted four smoke detectors in the main building of the school. If there was a fire we would Get Down Low and Go, Go, Go. We also used the netbooks to access the Kids Triple Zero Challenge website.  IMG_3785 IMG_3792


Year 7s to 10 created a big machine. One section was a motorised bike that revved and blew a ball which was supposed to knock down some blocks and trigger another reaction. We got to sit in the middle and watch the skateboard go around us.

Today we tried to create some Aboriginal type art by drawing animal outlines and filling them with squiggles, lines and dots. They are now displayed on our classroom window.


IMG_3712 IMG_3713 IMG_3734 IMG_3739 IMG_3742 IMG_3756 IMG_3761 IMG_3766 IMG_3770 IMG_3774 IMG_3776 IMG_3777 IMG_3780Today we went to the Bus Shed and visited the ambulance. We met Brigette and Kathi there.  One of our classmates got to go on the stretcher and got put into the ambulance. Another classmate had his blood pressure taken with the cuff.

We learnt that there are special ice packs for burn victims. You should only ring 000 if it is an emergency and our call goes all the way to a Ballarat call centre. Did you know that they have different coloured bags for different equipment? There are lots of yellow warning labels and every ambulance is set up exactly the same way.

Thank you so much Brigette and Kathi for coming to visit us and teach us all about Mallacoota’s Ambulance.

IMG_3705 IMG_3704 IMG_3702 IMG_3701 IMG_3700 IMG_3698 IMG_3697 IMG_3696 IMG_3692 IMG_3691 IMG_3690 IMG_3689


With a little sadness, today we said goodbye to Jenny Warren, who works in our school office. And has done so for such a looong time.

The office will not be the same with out you Jenny. We will miss you giving us bandaids, icepacks, boxes of tissues, messages, posting our letters, late passes, etc. etc. etc.

The Prep/Ones wish you a very happy retirement. Lots of Hugs and Kisses.

Mrs Fellows and all of the Prep/One class. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Dear Jenny,

You are nice. You are the best teacher in the office.

From Aya.

Dear Jenny,

I will miss you so much. You have been so, so nice to me. Thank you for doing all of those things for me. I hope you enjoy being at home.

Thank you for helping me when I am hurt.

From Heath.

Dear Jenny,

Thank you for fixing my sores.

From Remo.

Dear Jenny,

I miss you. Good luck . Thank you for the late passes.

I love you.

From Taylor.

Dear Jenny,

Thank you for helping with our sores.

From Tobin

Dear Jenny,

I will miss you. Thank you for being a great person. We wish you good luck.


From Neve.

Goodbye Jenny. I will miss you so much.

Love Ocean.

Dear Jenny,

Thank you for helping us with our sores.

From Hugo.

Dear Jenny,

Thank you for always helping me when I’m hurt. We will miss you very much. Good luck on your retirement.

From Sandy.

Dear Jenny,

You are helpful. We love you.

From Gypsy.

Dear Jenny,

I love you very much. I will miss you very much.

Love From Kyra.

Dear Jenny,

You are nice to me.

Love Jessica.

Dear Jenny,

I hope you come back. What is the person’s name that is taking over your job?

Love Cohen.

Dear Nan,

I love you. I would like you to stay in the office. You have been great. I love you very, very much.

Love From Nina.

Dear Jenny,

I miss you.

Love Josh.



We did lots of writing about our bugs today. We are almost finished our posters about our insects. Today we also looked at the Harlequin Beetle. It is very, very, very colourful. They can have diamond shapes on them and also triangles. They have compound eyes so that they can see well.

We made ink pictures with Steph using ink, straws and coloured card. Some were spiders webs. Others made flowers.

In Huff and Puff we continued with bouncing and passing skills. Sometimes it is tricky to get the ball to bounce in the hoop.


We made helicopters out of paper and we flew them. We made a big one and a small one. The little one landed first. If we added a paper clip it caused the helicopter to land first spin faster. A bigger paperclip on a smaller helicopter caused it to spin really, really, really, really, really fast.

In Huff and Puff we had to bounce the ball into a hoop to a partner for our relays. Chest passes and keeping our eye on the ball and hoop helped us to be more successful.

In Maths, we made Double Creatures with one feature and then two features and then four features and then eight features and so on and so on until some people got all the way to sixty four.

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 4.13.27 PM

Today we were lucky enough to have an author visit us for the morning. Her name was Meredith Costain. She has written books such as Doodledum Dancing, Bed Tails and some of the Dance Academy novels. We got to hear some of her poetry as well as act out one of her stories. Thank you Meredith from Melbourne. We really enjoyed your visit.

Huff and Puff was great fun with our relay races and ball handling skills.  IMG_3496IMG_3511IMG_3502

IMG_3477This morning we started the day with our Huff and Puff relays. Today they were a little bit different as Mrs Fellows split our team into two and we had to run from both ends of the court to throw balls into the basket.

We went on the website  mrnussbaum.com/insectgenerator/ and made different insects. Tomorrow we will begin to design our own insect. Things that we have to consider are habitat, diet, special features, mouth type, etc.

In Maths we were introduced to doubles. A double is when we have the same amount two times, or two lots of something. We placed blocks on a ladybird and made sure we had the same amount on the other side.

In Science we continue to explore Surface Tension. We had to see how many drops of water we could fit onto a 20 cent coin. Mrs Fellows got 67 to fit before they all spilled off. We also worked out what happens when you add detergent. The detergent breaks the surface tension and causes the water to spill. We then used this knowledge to make paper boats that shooted across a tub of water.IMG_3458 IMG_3459 IMG_3460 IMG_3462 IMG_3467 IMG_3470 IMG_3472 IMG_3474

In Huff and Puff today we had to roll the tennis balls into a bucket. Sometimes they would roll out but they still counted towards our team’s score. Rolling helps us practise our underarm throw. Exercise is great for our brain and heart.

We looked at a Youtube clip about the brain today. The things that we can do to look after our brain are protect your head with a helmet during bike riding or other activities, exercise, eat healthy food and challenge your brain daily.

On the computers we went to the scrap colouring website, scapcoloring.com. There we could type and colour in our name and a picture of our choice.

We played a game of Non-Fiction Bingo. We found a lifecycle, labels, headings, diagrams and an index.

Tomorrow is Footy Colours Day. We are all very excited to have our families come for lunch and fun activities.