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On Friday the 12th June, we had an Arts Council Performance called Our Story.

The two presenters were extremely funny at telling the history of Australia in a funny, light hearted manner. Some favourite parts of the performance where when Neville balanced a chair on his chin, the army man lost his head (and not in battle) and Neville named our current Prime Minister as Toe, Knee, Ab (as in abdominal muscles) Butt. Hee Hee.IMG_7560 IMG_7565 IMG_7569 IMG_7573 IMG_7575 IMG_7577 IMG_7580 IMG_7581 IMG_7584 IMG_7586 IMG_7588 IMG_7592

IMG_7654             I loved the pizza.

By Halle



I loved my pizza. It was delicious.

By Crystal

IMG_7653 IMG_7652


IMG_7651 I liked my pizza.          By Winter

IMG_7650 IMG_7649





We made our own dough.

By Kalani         I liked the show because I liked the

guy balancing the chair.

By Gypsy


IMG_7648My pizza was yummy. I ate my pizza, all of my pizza.        By Kyra

I like to cook.

By Bella


IMG_7646 IMG_7645

We made pizzas. It was yummy.

By Mikayla

I liked my pizza. My pizza was yummy.

By Unya

I liked the pizza. I had a pineapple pizza and I liked the show.

By Cohen


IMG_7643We made pizza.

By Kade


We made our own pizza dough. My pizza was yummy.

By Finn


IMG_7639I wish we could make pizzas next week.

By Jamie

I was not at school when my class was making pizza. I was sick.

By Nina


We started with sugar, golden syrup and water and put them into a saucepan. We wanted the sugar to dissolve. It had to simmer for five minutes before we could add the bi carb soda. When we added the bi carb soda it fizzed up and made a GAS. It also made honeycomb. Our first batch didn’t work. We hope the next two batches did.


Today is Ketzia’s last day with us. It is also her last teaching placement. During her time with us we have done lots of great things together.

In Maths, Ketzia did some measuring activities with us. She had us measuring the length of objects and identifying whether items were long or short. This week in Maths we made column and pictographs.IMG_7465

In Science, we worked on gases and discovered there was Carbon Dioxide in Soda Water. We even made sultanas dance.


We read The Hungry Giant. It is a great book. Jamie loves it. In it he has a Bommy Knocker and he is cranky because he is so hungry.

We also learnt that it is important to be Resilient.

IMG_7515Thank you for helping us. I wish you didn’t have to leave.  From Gypsy

We are really sad that Ketzia is leaving. We had great fun with her. From Jessica

Ketzia is the best. I have liked doing Science with her. From Winter

Thank you for being a good teacher. From Bella

Ketzia is the best teacher in the whole world. From Crystal

Thanks for teaching us. I have enjoyed Maths the most. From Loki

You are the best teacher. I enjoyed Maths with you. From Kalani

I wish you could stay here forever. From Jamie

I liked the experiment that we made of making the sultanas float. From Mikayla

Ketzia did Science with us. I loved making the sultanas dance. From Halle

Today is Ketzia’s last day and we looked at Resilience with her. We also did measuring, long, tall and short. We have also learnt liquids, solids and gases. We all love you. We will all miss you. From Cohen

My favourite activity with Ketzia was learning resilience. From Finn

Ketzia is kind. Ketzia is really nice to us. I think she will be a good teacher when she grows up. From Lirra

We like Ketzia. From Kade

Ketzia helped us to make goo and she taught us how to make sultanas dance. From Kyra

When Ketzia came to our classroom we learnt all about graphs. This is something all about graphs that Ketzia taught us. You have to have the names of what the graph is about and we’ve got a Favourite Colour graph in our classroom. The favourite colour in our classroom is aqua. From Nina



Today the weather was finally clear enough to have our school cross country. We all wandered down to the main oval straight after lunch. The different year levels were raring to go and found it difficult to settle and listen to Mr Berry’s instructions. The 5 kilometre competitors got to go first. There were only 3; Bryce Watts Parker, Hannah Searl and Brodie Scott. We had to wait until they had completed a lap of the camp park before we got to start the next year levels. In this group there were heaps of competitors. Emma blew the siren and everybody was off for a 3 kilometre run. Finally it got down to the Primary year levels running varying distances. Congratulations to everybody for their commitment, enthusiasm and good sportsmanship. It was a great way to spend a Friday afternoon. Well done to all those that helped to make this event such a success by time keeping, taking photos, rewarding ribbons, blaring the starting siren, setting up the course, marshalling, encouraging and cheering on the competitors and the list goes on and on. Congratulations Mr Berry for all your hard work in running the event and making it such a success.  IMG_7429 IMG_7431 IMG_7439  IMG_7449 IMG_7452 IMG_7451IMG_7453 IMG_7454 IMG_7456 IMG_7458 IMG_7459 IMG_7464


Cohen enjoyed doing his best and getting a ribbon.

Crystal liked running.

Unya enjoyed getting ready at the starting line.

Remo enjoyed cheering for the others.

Great work Prep/One.


We began the afternoon with shared reading time. It wasn’t as silent as we usually like it but the buzz of a book being shared was really exciting. It was really lovely to younger siblings reading to their older brother or sister and vice versa.

We then made our way down to Room 7 for our Mother’s Day Readings presentation. Congratulations to the Grade 6 students who did an excellent job of MC the whole event. The readings brought giggles, oooohs and aaaaahs and even some lumps in the throat and tears in the eyes.

The afternoon was broken up by a number of Maths activities that had Mums and children strategising, hypothesising, calculating and manipulating.

Grade 2/3s and Prep/Ones reading the stories and poetry about Mum, once again brought about some emotional responses to their heartfelt messages.

We completed the afternoon racing around the school grounds working out clues and searching for specific places as depicted in small thumbnail photos. Each location provided us with a letter that helped us to decipher hidden messages for our Mums.


Thank you to all of our mothers and grandmothers who were able to attend our Mother’s Day Celebration afternoon last week.

   IMG_7307_2 IMG_7306_2 IMG_7305_2 IMG_7304_2 IMG_7302_2    IMG_7298_2

   IMG_7290_2 IMG_7289_2   IMG_7286_2  IMG_7284_2   IMG_7281_2 IMG_7280_2 IMG_7279_2





IMG_7264_2 IMG_7263_2 IMG_7262_2 IMG_7261_2
IMG_7258_2 IMG_7256_2


      IMG_7249_2 IMG_7248_2 IMG_7246_2 IMG_7245_2 IMG_7244_2 IMG_7243_2 IMG_7242_2 IMG_7241_2    IMG_7247_2


Thank you to all of our mothers and grandmothers who were able to attend our Mother’s Day Celebration afternoon on Friday last week.



In Science we made goo. We wanted to see if a liquid could be a solid at the same time. We found out that it can because of its viscosity. High viscosity means something is all sticky and has trouble moving. Low viscosity means it is really easy to move like petrol, water and milk. Examples of high viscosity liquids are caramel and cold honey. Our icky goo was awesome because it was a solid and liquid at the same time and had high viscosity and low viscosity at the same time. We made a mess!IMG_7349_2 IMG_7348_2 IMG_7347_2 IMG_7346_2 IMG_7345_2 IMG_7344_2 IMG_7342_2 IMG_7341_2 IMG_7340_2 IMG_7339_2 IMG_7338_2 IMG_7333_2 IMG_7331_2 IMG_7330_2

This week we have been learning about time. We’ve looked at Day and Night. We’ve been learning the days of the week and we have made a big clock for our classroom. We know that clocks show hours, minutes and seconds to tell us the time.

In Science we made water walk. We used paper towel and we put in each of the cups. The water has been sucked up into the paper all the way to another cup. The cups that didn’t have any water now have the same amount of water as all of the other cups.
















This week we got buckets. We fill our buckets with all the kind things we do for others. We can also fill other people’s buckets too by being nice to others. Some of the ways we can fill our buckets are: play together nicely, share with others, help others, smile, be happy, show respect and do good deeds. Ways to empty a bucket are:  interrupt, bully, be mean, tell others they can’t play, not show respect. We love our buckets and fill them really easily.


IMG_7159 IMG_7160 IMG_7161 IMG_7163 IMG_7164 IMG_7165 IMG_7166 IMG_7168 IMG_7169 IMG_7170 IMG_7171 IMG_7172 IMG_7173 IMG_7174 IMG_7175 IMG_7176


Thank you and congratulations to our students who participated in the Mallacoota Centenary Commemorations for Anzac Day. You did both the college and your families proud.



A number of students walk with or for family members who have served for our great country.

Kahli Migotto-Brown presents the poem New Generation Veterans.IMG_1570 2

Max Gilchrist bows his head in respect after laying the wreath on behalf of Mallacoota P-12 College.

IMG_1587 2


Haydn Fellows fulfills the role of Master of Ceremonies

in Mark Tregellas’s absence.
IMG_1590 2








Kahli and Haydn congratulate each other at the end of proceedings.

IMG_1609 2

The Preps and Grade 1s have been studying World War 1 and reading lots of Picture Story Books about it, including the story of Simpson and his donkey. We have all felt incredibly moved by the efforts of our soldiers during this time.

During the week we have been looking at the influence of animals in the war. Please find our stories written below. Children were fascinated by the stories of both mascots and the working animals during this time as you will see reflected in their work.

We learnt the song Lest We Forget and discussed the Photos that accompanied this Youtube clip.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MsXN75wo02A

Yesterday we discussed the iconic nature of the Lone Pine and made our own individual Lone Pines to be displayed.


We finish the week commemorating ANZAC Day as the P-12 College, sharing our stories planting the RSL donated Lone Pine pine and sharing our own Anzac biscuits.

It has been a pleasure working with the children and seeing their interest, compassion and empathy for the soldiers and their families during this time in our history.


Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 9.51.43 AM

IMG_6981 Cats were mascots. They ate mice.


Elephants helped in the war by blocking bullets. Cats were on ships and ate mice. Narwhals cut through the ice to help the dolphins.IMG_6982

Cats caught mice in the trenches.IMG_6983

Dolphins found bombs and told the soldiers where they were underwater.

IMG_6985Dogs sent wires across the camp.





Dogs would find injured soldiers.


Horses pulled carts with guns.    Dolphins helped to find bombs under water.


Nurses had a koala to give the soldiers if they were hurt to cheer them up.IMG_6989Donkeys helped injured animals.


Dolphins went to blow up submarines.
IMG_6993Horses pulled carts.


Elephants carried cannons.IMG_6995

Camels went different places. They carried guns.

IMG_7005 Foxes were mascots. Foxes looked for injured soldiers.

IMG_6998Foxes were mascots. A mascot is something that gives you cuddles.



Dogs and cats were mascots.

Dolphins helped to find bombs.

IMG_7004Dolphins looked underwater to see if there were any bombs.

Dogs helped injured soldiers.IMG_7007