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Today we wrote in our ‘reflection and goals book.

We are doing treasure hunts each Friday. This weeks treasure hunt was ‘Writing is thinking’.

Today we gave our maps to different people and they had to work out our grid references.

We had to move like a bubble and we learnt the dance ‘the hokey pokey’.

Today we had a visitor from Parks Victoria give us a talk about Marine National Parks. We learnt that there are three types of seaweed and they are classified by color. Green, Brown and  Red.

Sponge comes in all shapes and sizes.

We saw some sea snail shells. You can tell the difference between the carnivorous and vegetarian snails. The  ’round salad bowl’ opening is for the vegetarian snails and the ‘gravy boat’ shaped openings are carnivorous.

Limpids have a strong foot at the bottom and they always come back to the same place. They leave a track and smell it to find the way back. They keep a bubble of water in their shell so they don’t dry out.

No animal likes to eat the elephant snail. They are  noctornal and they don’t like light.

Cuttle fish are a close relative to squid and they release a black ink also.

We had a rockpool ramble at Bastion and we learnt lots of new things from the marine ranger.

Checkout some of our photo’s in tomorrows blog.



Today we did a fun game in ‘huff and puff’. It was a ball game.

Our ‘BIG’ book was about Zoo’s past and present by Graham Meadows.

We did new writing called ‘persuasive writing’. We had to write a persuasive piece about, ‘Should We Have Zoo’s?’. Nearly everyone agreed that we should have zoo’s. One class member wrote, “We should have zoo’s because they are fun. Zoo’s breed animals and we should have zoo’s to save animals.”

We did ICT and had to find out information about Victoria.

Thank you to our class helper today.

See you at the School Community Barbeque tonight.

‘Dead ants’ was the game we started the day with.

We made a map of a zoo and looked at other zoo’s on the internet.

We chose names for our book groups.

We finished Penny Pollards Diary. Mrs Bettany said she didn’t have anything to give Penny but Penny got a true friend in Mrs Bettany.

We were discussing what rooms we will be in.


This is a photo of the bee hive that was on the shade cloth on Friday.

Any work that we need to finish is listed in our diary.  We can check our diary each day and see if we have anything else to complete. Our spelling words and books we read at home are listed in our diaries also. We are learning to be organized.

We discussed living and non-living things and things that came from a living source.

Recount writing is done on a Monday and some people in our room wrote about their weekend.

We are learning about grid references and how to read a map in preparation for our trip to Melbourne.


Today when we came to school there was a beehive attached to the underneath of the shade cloth where we eat our lunch. The area was taped off and we couldn’t go near the bees. We watched a man come and remove the hive. We went to the library and read a ‘big book’ called ‘The message of the Dance” by Ann Coleridge and illustrated by Alexis Beckett. We went on the computers and found three facts about bees.

We have a worksheet folder to put our worksheets in and if we don’t finish our worksheets at school we can take them home to do.

We started our ‘reflections’ book today. We write about things we have learnt and things we are going to concentrate on the next week.

Our message today for ‘active leisure’ was “It takes two to be a friend”.

Our fact for today was about Eleanor Farjeon. She was a famous children’s poet.

We did ‘acrostic’ poems about ourselves. They are displayed on our door.





Open to knowledge


Our poem about school.

We saw photo’s of a class members trip up ‘big beach’.

In our P-12 assembly we were told about a ‘fun run’ that is coming up.

We had a new teacher helping out in our classroom today. It was great to have her.

We got the rest of our requisites today.

Class members run ‘huff n puff’ in the morning now.

Today we worked out our food for our Melbourne trip.

We looked at the menu’s and chose foods we wanted to eat and costed them out.

The night we have pasta we can afford to have a dessert as well. YUM YUM!



We worked with our buddies today and we did measuring.

It was a P-6 assembly today and it was the Preps first time at an assembly.

‘Gabby Get Along’ was introduced to us. She will teach us about getting along and being a good friend.

In the afternoon the Grade Ones used bubbles and balloons in dance. They moved like a bubble and popped!

We used balloons and bubbles in dance toady. We had to move like a bubble and a balloon. We floated, drifted and popped.

In ‘active leisure’ we did a treasure hunt and the secret message was… (you’ll have to read all about it on Monday)

We finished our Big Book, ‘Taking Care of Henry’ by Anne Fine and illustrated by Paul Howard and we voted on who we wanted to stay with and the next door neighbour was our choice.

Some boys in our room are getting ready for ‘Clean Up Australia’ and they collected a whole large bag of rubbish.