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Gabo Reflections

Reflection on Gabo
The thick bush is close around us. Brock, Rene, Mala, Mikey and me are cutting through the bush to get to Boulder bay. A dark shape looms over us. It is a fat cow. We try to skirt around it but Mikey runs towards it. He stops 2 metres away from it and introduces himself.
“Hello!” he says, “My name is Mikey, what’s yours?”
The cow backs away and slowly walks off. We all crack up laughing at his silliness. We soon get over it and continued the trek.
By Tom.
Going to Gabo
When we went to Gabo, we took Reinhardt’s boat there. The boat is called the cougar cat. It was the first time I had been on a boat in the open ocean. We launched the boat at Bastion Point. Dougie was on board too. Dougie is a deckhand for Reinhardt.
When we got off the boat, Leo talked to us about some Gabo Island history. He showed us the cemetery. There are three graves there. He showed us the monument which represents the shipwreck called the monumental city on Tullaberga. The water gets pumped from the dam into the tanks. We saw all the farming equipment.
We then went to the accommodation and played some games, and had lunch. Leo took us up the lighthouse, and explained how it works. It is powered by solar energy. We went out onto the balcony of the lighthouse which is roughly 100m high. The lighthouse is the second tallest in Australia. We walked back to the jetty.
On the way back I got soaked by the waves! They were splashing into the boat.
Reinhardt showed us a cool shipwreck called the Riverina on the trip back. When we got back to Bastion Point, I had to wait at school while I was soaking wet. It was freezing!
By Bailey
Gabo camp arrival:
WOOSHHHH we crush another wave under the hull of the boat. “I see Gabo Harbor!” someone exclaims I peer out of the side of the boat and there in front of us Santi Barbara Bay. We all give a cheer and stick our heads outside the port side of the boat. We finally arrive at the jetty and unload our bags and our food onto the back of the truck which was waiting for us. Tony Symes gives a grin and waves, I wave back, “Hi Tony!” I call out over the busyness of unloading “Hiya Soph!” He calls back “It sure is good to be back!” I call over a load of bags that I pass through to Demi. “Sure is!” Tony calls back heading down the jetty to collect more boxes of food. I finish passing the last couple of bags to Demi and Jorja and then we start walking up to the accommodation, Jordyn and I walk side to side taking many pictures as it was her first time on the island and we were free to roam on it. “Whoa a cool dew spider web!” I said and Jordyn rushed over to take photos. Then we walked continuously to the house and set up. Our bedding. We eat lunch and organize our two days over here. The morning is now compete.
That’s the start! Now read the other parts of our class adventure!
By Sophie.

After we’d settled in we walked down to the jetty and lied on the beach to get warm. Taylor, Sophie, Jorja and I jumped off the jetty and swam into shore getting wrapped into our towels straight away! We walked back up to the house and played a game of cricket (me and Taylor hitting everyone for six!) We walked down to the jetty when it got dark to see the Penguins. We lied down really still and one of them walked on my hand! We walked back to the house, occasionally seeing a Penguin wandering around on the track. Me and Jorja got straight onto cooking the BBQ meat, rissoles, sausages and Dawns vegetarian burgers. We had a nice as dinner and played a few games and went to bed, having a good rest preparing for the next day ahead!
By Demi 

During the Gabo island camp, we learnt about all of the history of the island. I thought I knew all about the island, but it turned out I didn’t even know a quarter of it. One of my main interests of the history was the ship wreck of the Monumental city. The Monumental city was one of the first steam ships to cross the pacific. It used to take items and people from Melbourne to Sydney and the other way around. On one of its trips, it mistook Point Hicks for Cape Howe so it changed its course and ran aground at Tullaberga island. But mind you it was pitch black. They decided to wait to morning to do something about, but come morning an east coast low hit Tullaberga island. The ship was getting pounded by the waves and about 30 people died. One of the sailors managed to get a rope from the island to the main land so people could clamber across. Some people got swept off the rope and drowned.
By Mikey
Gabo Island
I stand in front of the Gabo lighthouse, staring at the open door, up the granite stairs, it swings in the wind slamming against the concrete wall, rain falls down as I lift myself up the stairs, as I step into the entrance lighting flashes I jump, and quickly run inside, I head to the spiral stairs look up, then start slowly taking each step.
I climb the stairs of the lighthouse, I go higher and higher, my hand gripping the icy metal railing, the light of the entrance disappearing with each step I take, my heart beats faster as I peep down over the edge, the fear of falling giving me shivers, I start to feel the cold air as it seeps into my jacket, I look up to see if I’ve reached the top, I walk the last few steps until I reach the top.
I look around the small dark room and see a door to the outside, I stand at the door, key in the lock, and turn it, I push the door open, I step onto the small iron platform and I look out grabbing the white rail, the salty air rushes to my face, the gentle drops of rain falling from darkening sky, the storm has gone and left a beautiful sun set, I gasp at the amazing view, and I smile at my accomplishment.

Gabo Reflection
When my alarm went off at 8:00am I jumped at of bed and rushed down to the jetty. When we got on to the boat rush of excitement ran through my body. It was great seeing Gabo get closer and when we arrived it was even better. The sun was glaring off the water it was really pretty. We walked but to the house and made ourselves at home. Then we went outside and played some cricket it was a lot of fun with all of the girls. Then at dark we went and saw the penguins it was very weird having the penguins walk over our hands. Everyone was excited to get back and have dinner which was great thanks Demi and Jorja. After dinner we got told that we were only staying one night and everyone was running around the house screaming and yelling “WE DON’T WANNA GO HOME”.
We woke up bright and early to cook breakfast. After breakfast we walked down to the harbour and met group two then we went on a tour around the island with Leo. This was a big walk but after the we had wraps for lunch. Then group one walked back to the harbour and got on the boat and went home.
By Mali

Gabo Reflection
I jump out of bed and chuck my bags into the car.
We wiz down to Bastion point and wait for Reinhardt to take us to Gabo Island in his cougar cat.
As we go out the break wall, dolphins swim right up close to the boat, you could pretty much touch them as they swim freely and graceful.
We arrive at Gabo and unload our bags onto the ute.
Tony one of the lighthouse keepers, talks for a bit about Gabo, and gave us some information before we head up to the houses.
The walk is long from the harbor to the house, about 15 minutes.
We all go inside the house we are all staying in and find our rooms.
We unpacl out bags ready for a day of fun.
All of the girls went outside in the court yard to play ‘chicket’ (what we call chriket).
After a while we decide to walk down to the harbor to go for a swim, we play beach volley ball and a couple of games.
Demi, Taylor, Sophie and I jump off the jetty with a scream into the freezing water.
We all walk back to the house and prepare dinner before going to see the penguins.
I lay down next to the wharf and see the penguins white stomachs as they come up from the water, they walk over my legs and all of a sudden run off back down onto the rocks. We all walk back to the houses, demi and I cook the barbie.
After dinner we find out that in the morning we will be leaving!
We all rage and run around the house for a while, “we don’t want to go home!” we all yell.
Tomorrow comes to fast and we walk down to the wharf to meet up with group 2, we have a tour with Leo around the island.
We climb the lighthouse then wait for riney and duggy to pick us up in his boat to go back home.
We load our stuff into the boat and hop in and drive out of the harbor waving good bye to Cass, Leo and Tony making our way back home to Mallacoota.

19th of May 2015. I wake up at 7:00am get ready and grab my bags I’m going to Gabo Island. I get down to Bastion point. We wait for our transport, the boat. As we were leaving off the end of the break wall we saw dolphins, a nice departing gift. Chelsea and I stay up the front of the boat and the boys are at the back. As the water comes up over the side of the boat from the spray the boys are getting soaked.
When we arrive at Gabo we all leap off the boat and unpack as quickly as possible so we can start exploring. We immediately take photos. The water is crystal clear. Ideas of swimming flow through my head. Later on the girls show up (the other group, which had just girls in it.) Leo, one of the lighthouse keepers, starts the tour of part of the island. I knew this was the start of a good camp.


Gabo Cricket
On the first day Leo took us around the island. In cricket at Gabo, I made 146*no. I hit 17 fours and 13 sixes,(they put all their fielders on the fence and still couldn’t get me out). It was a sick innings. And on the last day we went rock hopping and I slipped on this slippery stuff and landed on barnacles. We also jumped off the jetty.


Gabo Island
When I got to the jetty at Bastion my excitement was uncontrollable.
I couldn’t wait to go over to Gabo for the first time; I was also excited to go with my friends.
When we got on Reinhardt’s boat the “Cougar Cat” I ran straight to the side to see over at the ocean and as we left, we saw dolphins a whole pod of them swimming gracefully next to the boat in the wake. Then we got further out to sea and it was like glass.
When we got to the Harbor we saw Tony the keeper. He had a Ute with a trailer that we had to load all of our food and bags into. After we loaded up the trailer we headed up to our accommodation. It was a long walk but we got there in the end. We stayed at a house right next to the lighthouse. The house had 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, a lounge and asbestos. After a bit we settled in our new rooms for the next 2 nights or so we thought.
Then we played cricket and Taylor hit an amazing 6 over the roof we still don’t have the ball!
Then we went down to the Harbor and swam. Demi, Jordyn and I sunbaked and according to Taylor, “like typical white girls.” Afterwards Taylor, Jorja and Demi jumped of the jetty it looked freezing. When we got back we were all so hungry. It was fun eating at the dining table it was like we were a family. Afterwards when it got dark we went down to see the penguins they were so cute but I almost trip over them they ran slowly and stupidly. When we got back we had circle time we talked about our journal things. Then had a discussion about how we were leaving early and when we found out most of us went into protest some of us prayed to stay.
Then we played a couple of games and went to bed at around 11:00pm.
The next day we woke up early to get breakfast and go and see Tony do the weather report and afterwards we went around the rocks and explored bit. Then we went down to meet and greet group 2 and we went on a tour with Leo who had come over for the day to give us a tour.
We saw the cemetery and the monument and more on our tour then Group 1 went up the lighthouse it was really high up. I went out on the balcony but not for very long I’m not very good with heights. Then we left back on the Cougar Cat and went home Gabo was a great experience.
By Poppy